Wednesday, January 17, 2007

where to start....

Now I know it has been a long time and thanks selina for finally getting me into gear. So much has happened since last post with Christmas and New year. I was so totally spoiled and loved every minute of it. It is now only six weeks till I leave for my amazing trip. I have just finished paying the last installment to the 55 foot yacht I will be staying on in the Carribean. I am starting to get excited. I have already started dreaming about packing and already tears have started to flow about saying my goodbyes.

One of my best friends left on Jan 5th for south america and she gets back only a few days before I leave. I miss her so much already. My mum and dad have been in Melbourne for only a week and half and I miss them too. How am I going to cope. My boyfriend is already worried!! There is also so much to do. I have started writing a list so I don't forget to do things. Work is super busy and have been working extra long hours to get as much money as possible.

Exercise and food wise went really well. I lost 3.5kg in december and am already at my goal weight but you know when you would like to see if you could go that extra bit further. I have lost 9kg and i'm trying now to get to 11kg before I go. I have been really strict with my diet and exercising everyday (combination of weights and cardio) I have been stair climbs and hill runs as well as rpm. I am feeling really good this week. I felt really flat last week because I put on 400g but as my boyfriend said I have not put weight on for about 2 months and it is so minimal that it will be gone again in no time. I know I can do it!!

So that is a quick sum up of where I am at and I hope everyone is well. Even though I have not been writing blogs, I have been following everyone else's. I apologise again

Love always