Thursday, July 14, 2011

Michelle Bridges Challenge

I have had a good few weeks and I do not have gallstones which is good, still not 100% but better. I have been more aware of what I have been eating, but I have decided to kick it up a notch and complete Michelle bridges 4week challenge from her book " lose the last 5 kg".

I really feel I need something more at the moment to be more focussed. I have pre planned with scheduling next weeks meetings, personal commitments and outings, training and figuring out potential times that will be challenges. I have also gone through the recipes and written a list of what I need. I am 100% committed and it feels good. It does not mean I can lose control over the next few days but I have been trialling her workouts and they are tough- I have been sore, but the good type of sore. So I will do the pre fitness test to find out my base line so I can monitor my progress as well as do my measurements on Sunday.

I can not believe it is Friday tomorrow and half way through the month!


Monday, July 04, 2011

It has nearly been two years since my last post!

Wow how time passes!! My last blog was in August 2009 and a lot has changed since then. I have still been following many blogs but needed a break from blogging myself. I now have the need to write again and blog my journey.

I was married earlier this year to my beautiful partner Ben. We have been together 10 years in December and he really is my better half- he truly is a wonderful person who treats me like an angel. I am so lucky to him :)

I still have good days as well as having some not so good days but I finally took the step to getting some help before the wedding. I did not want to take my body/food issues into this marriage especially pass anything to on to my future children. I want to feel confident and feel good in my own shoes. I am getting there but it will not be something that will change over night. I found it hard to completely open up but starting to make some progress in that department. The one thing that I really wanted was to feel beautiful on my wedding day and look back at the photos and love what I see and not criticise every last detail. I can successfully say I achieved this and my wedding day was an absolute dream.

Since the wedding I have been having some huge problems with my stomach, with pain after eating and lots of bloating. I am scheduled for an ultrasound later this week as well as blood tests to see if I have gall stones. I hope I do not have this but I hope they do find out what is going on. I just feel "blah" all the time. I have put on a few kgs since the wedding and the bloating is not helping so I really want to focus on losing this the right way. I am trying to not be so strict on my self and listen to what I have been told but some demons get in the way. I am only allowed to weigh myself once a week. I ask my other half to hide the scales so I can not be tempted and so far this is working. I also think that this weather is making it tough for me, because I really crave warm comforting food.

My training these days mainly consists of running. I ran the Perth city to surf half marathon last year and I am planning to do the same again this year. This year I have also convinced my two good friends to join me and we have been doing our long runs together every weekend. I then try and run 2-3 times plus this long run every week and some resistance work in between. I am also going to get some help with the resistance training so I can keep strong and possibly change my shape slightly.

So my goals for the remainder of this week are:

1. Track my food everyday (I also need to do this to see if any food triggers a strong pain)
2. Not snack before and after dinner (I tend to snack when I get home from work and after dinner so I am really going to try hard to keep myself busy to avoid this).
3. Drink 8 glasses of water a day.

So small achievable goals for the remainder of this week.

It is nice to be back :)


Sunday, August 09, 2009

My week

Well what a week I have had. It all started on friday night when I had very few hours sleep from my friends going away party. I had a few too many champagnes and had to be up at some ridiculous hour to get up to northam for the beginning of the avon descent. However the lack of sleep had only started!!

So I was the support crew with another one of my OH friends gf for the whole event. The first day was a 60km paddle and the sunday is a 72 km paddle or something very close to this. Well at the first stop they looked really good but from then on the my OH was looking terrible. Each stop he looked progressively worse. Poor thing had been off all week with some nasty bug and had hardly eaten much- or no where near enough for this type of endurance race. He did however manage the first day for his mate who mentally kept him going. Well he was up all night being sick and at about 4am started having chest pain and shortness of breath. We had had no sleep but I just wanted to keep him home so I packed up his things and got him home asap. Thankfully both his parents are doctors and gave him pain killers. Over the next hour or so he got no better so off to the hospital we went. So xrays and ecg and echo latter they diagnosed him with pericarditis- which is inflammation of the heart. He looked terrible but thankfully the pain was controlled once the pain killers had kicked in. I had two sleep over the two nights so I absolutely crashed on Sunday night at 6:30.

So my 100 day challenge did not get to the best start. I would say in that time I would be down about 4 bones. Today was start of phase two so I am going to put in a 100% effort. I did not eat lots in this period- If anything less but some of the not so good choices.

So recapping my goals I did eat bread once in the first phase, I definitely did not blog 4 times, I did do my cardio and missed out one weights session, I did not binge.

So today I started on a really high note and went for 11km run with one of my closest friends. This put me in the mind shape to eat well for the rest of the day.

So my aim for the next phase is to concentrating on not eating bread and getting all my training in.

Will post again soon

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I will post a full update tomorrow

I have had a terrible weekend and so much has happened with only 2 hours sleep over 2 nights. I am all ok but am exhausted and must get to sleep this evening. Will post my full update of events and goal trckings tomorrow sometime.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I actually started today!

So the 100 day challenge started today for me! I know I said I was going to start tomorrow but I thought this morning why can't I start today. I have already written down my goals and printed out a chart to tick off on my fridge, so I really could start today. I will however take my photos and measurements as of tomorrow when I have time to take them.

So my goals for each day are:

1. No bread- bread always makes me feel heavy, bloated and just generally yuck so I am going to give it up for the 100days.
2. Minimum 2litres of water day
3. To have protein with every meal
4. To do 3x weight sessions and 4x cardios a week
5. Blog 4 times a week minimum.
6. No binge eating

So today I have achieved all of my goals. I did a 20min run this morning followed by an 1hr athletic pilates this evening. IAs I said I will weigh and do measurements tomorrow and then will not do again for another 10 days.

I am feeling great about this added motivation. I have also given myself some treats if achieve goals along the way. I will post them in the next few days.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

100 day challenge

My hundred day challenge will start on Thursday. I have Thursday afternoon off so I will set aside some time to plan, chart, write my goals ect. Feel free to follow other inspiring people by seeing Katie Posts . She is very inspirational!!

So my other challenge is still continuing this will just add to the motivation and keep me even more on track

Sunday, June 28, 2009

My 12 week challenge that I was doing has taken a slight turn with starting from week one again due to be lucky enough to do another challenge with Sue. So I am in a really good frame mind at the moment at at the beginning of week 2. The last week got me thinking and really focussing on my hunger signals and learning to understanding them. I felt really good all week and managed the weekend well.

So I lost 1.9kg in this first week. I know I won't lose this every week but was very impressed by this number.

On other news my finance has been all approved for my house and settlement will be in about 6 weeks. My OH and I are so pleased and we made our first big purchase of leather couches on theweekend. Since Myer was having a fab sale I cleaned up and my kitchen is pretty much set now.

I am house sitting for the next 7 weeks so we will be moving in when I leave here. I adore my parents but it is nice to be independent again. After coming home from london living at home was bliss- mum really does so much for me and takes the stress out of everything. It is about now that I am really ready to leave again though.

So that has been my little update for the last few weeks. Till next week