Thursday, September 21, 2006

Second try

I hope this works this time!

I am the girl on the right and this at my 21st birthday. Nici is on the left and she is my best bud and have known eachother since we were born. She is coming away with me next year. Now that I know I can do this i'll post photos all the time!!


I hope this works

I have attempted to post photos up. Fingers crossed that it has worked!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

I need help..

I now have photos on my computer to put up on my blog but do not know how to do it. If anyone can please give me simple instructions to do so my photos will be up in no time. I will keep trying. My post for this week is coming.

Love Amy

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Another great week

I have had such a good week. I have lost another 1.5kg so a total of 4.4 kg in 6 weeks. I am really noticing the difference now. My clothes are starting to fall down and i'm getting compliments (which always makes you feel good) and I have noticed a big difference with my running. Now I don't know if it is because my fitness has improved with steady running for a couple of weeks or because I have lost some weight. Anyways I am a happy camper.

I have been doing rpm classes as well and i think this has improved my fitness levels. I have been doing 2 a week plus running and then of course weight training. I ran 6km this morning and I have had so much energy all day. Of late I have been doing all my training after work because it has been too cold and dark before work ( I know I am a wuss) but now that summer is coming I think i may start doing my exercise in the morning again. I have not neglected the exercise though. If I don't do exercise I can be very irritable and get down and just feel average.

My eating has been pretty good too but I allow myself a few treats a week and this really keeps me sane. I am a chocoholic and in the past I know that if i deny myself of it, i then binge feel guilty and the either go to extremes with exercise or not eating or worse still making myself sick (this was the old me- few years ago!!). So having it a few times a week in small quantities (but good quality- the darker the choc the better) I don't feel deprived and really enjoy it. So far it seems to be working really well. I also think I have been eating a larger variety of food and i think this had made a difference. I try and have a different breakfast and lunch everyday so i don't get tired of the same thing and break my healthy habits.

I bought a dress yesterday for my bf birthday and the lady had to go get the next size down because it was too big- i feel so good. I am really happy at the moment and want to loss another 3.5 kg to be at my optimum weight. I know I can do it!! hahahaha

Also my dad did the half marathon on the weekend- the one that i was meant to do and encouraged him to do. He did it in 1 hour and 48 minutes. I was so proud of him and cheered him on when he came in.

Have a great week
Love Amy

Ps: I haven't forgot about the photos selina. My bf scanner broke on the weekend while trying to scan photos and I don't have one. He bought a new one yesterday so photos will be up anytime.