Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Honesty Post

I have spent a lot of time procrastinating with writing this post and have kept telling myself I will blog tonight. Then tonight comes and goes and I still haven't written down my feelings. I have spent the last few weeks doing some serious thinking and I have embarked on a 12 week challenge. I am currently in my second week.

This all came about because I was just plodding along away nicely and quite pleased with myself with weight loss and tone. However the last month I have hit a plateau and it is time to mix things up a bit. I became very disheartened when my weight wouldn't budge any more and this lead to a few poor choices, lack of tracking and the viscious cycle started. However I did not stop exercising but was not losing anything because of the lack of tracking and extra calories. I know the scales can do eveyone's head in but my measurements were staying the same as well. The guilt then set in because I have been hear so many times before. I know I have come a long way compared to about 3 years ago when I lost too much weight the wrong way but I know I still have a way to go to get this head in the correct space!

So with my OH sister wedding, and myself being a bridesmaid in October, a trip to Bali in July and a few trips to Melbourne as well I have decided to do this 12 week challenge. I am tracking my food and eating 5-6 small meals a day, increased my protein and commenced a new training program. I am having one free week. I am going to have weekly weigh ins and measurements and post on my blog to keep me accountable. I have been so inspired to all the girls that have competed recently. I really draw inspiration from you girls and have been following your journeys for a long time. So here to my 12 week challenge- the more confident Me!!

So in my first week weight loss was 1.2kg. I was pretty happy with that. So we will see on Thursday what my measurements ect. are.

I fly to Melbourne this weekend with 5 other girlfriends. I will have everything prepped and ready to take with me. Planning is a big thing for me and so far every meal and work out has been planned to the T. So I am very positive at the moment and I hope to stay that way. I have promised myself I will blog each week no matter what- good or bad, but main thing is being true to myself.

So I will post Thursday to up-date.

Till then