Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Morning Run

I'm feeling great at the moment. I got up early this morning and went for a 30minute run along the river. I love this time of the morning. It is so peaceful, the water is like glass, no wind around- just really pleasant. Initially when the alarm goes off and it is now dark at this time I shudder but I quickly get up, put the runners on and get going. I thank myself for doing this by the end. It is a time to clear my thoughts and get prepped mentally for the day ahead. I try and do this about 4 mornings a week. I wish daylight saving finished last month because it so dark when I get up. But ten again I love the long evenings! I think if it finished at the end of Feb it would be perfect.

I am only working this morning so I will go to the gym straight from work and then I have a bit of shopping and stuff to do. It should be a good day!

On the weight front I am now down 7.5kg. I have been gettig heaps of comments and feeling good. Everything is just fitting nicely!