Saturday, February 14, 2009

Weight- Total loss of 6.9kg

Feeling- I have been feeling great with a big loss of a kg this week. I have felt really low, tired and not into much the week before and put on 0.1kg. It was nothing but I felt bloated and yuck so to speak. This week I have changed a few thing around and feeling great again. I am really happy with how I am looking of late. I am getting definition and getting some really lovely comments. I think that in itself just gives you a nice confidence boost. So I am 2kg of my weight that I was aiming for.

We went bridemaid dress shopping today. I tried on size 10 but that was often quite big so i had to get an 8. I was chuffed. I haven't been a size 8 for a little while. These dresses were quite loose and flowing on the bottom half. I felt really good looking in the mirror.

I am really enjoying my training at the moment. I have been throwing pilates and bikram yoga into the mix and I have this being a great benefit. I feel like I recover a lot better, especially after my weight sessions.

Will update again soon!!