Wednesday, June 28, 2006

half way through the week

Well i have had the flu the last two days but am feeling so much better today. I have really had a string of bad luck this winter- two lots of tonsolitis and now the flu, hopefully thats it!! I think i'm making up for last winter when I wasn't sick at all.

I went to the gym last night and did weights as well as 20 minutes on the bike!! Yes I have started cardio again- so happy. I am a bit sore today but as I said to my girlfriend at the gym last night it is a good muscle sore. I'm still doing lots of stretching. I am not going to run till the weekend though and when I do i'll only do an easy 5km to start with.

I really haven't been hungry this week- have lost my appetite completely. My mum was force feeding me on Monday- she says you need to eat to keep strong. I know she is only being a mum and wanted me to get better. so hopefully see another loss on the scales. I have been doing really well lately. At this rate i'll be at my goal weight in no time.

Not much else to say- thanks for all the positive comments, it really helps
Enjoy the rest of the week and i\ll report back soon.

Love Amy

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Feeling tired!

I am soooo tired today. I woke up at 11 went back to bed a 2 and woke up again at 4 and feel like going back to bed again. My glands are up and I feel I have no energy what so ever. I think my iron levels are low as I have felt like this before. I think a few crappy night sleeps have not helped either. I have eaten half of meals- just have not felt hungry at all so that is why I am probably feeling weak today too. I weighed myself yesterday and have lost 1.2kg so I was happy with that. I have tried to eat really well all week because of the little cardio I was doing because of my injury. Anyways I will be off to have an early night and wake up fresh for a good week. Having a deep tissue massage tomorrow and plan to go for a light run on Tuesday if things continue to improve. Went for a walk with dad over the weekend and things are definately getting better. I'm still taking anti-inflammatories and doing heaps of stretching so hope all continues to move forward. I'll let you all know how i go.
Have a great week

Love Amy

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Four things about me!

Here is my reply to Selinas blog:

Four Things about meThings you may not have known about me.....A)
Four jobs I have had in my life:
1. Worked at Head girl (hair and jewellry shop)
2. Restaurant
3. Podiatrist
4. Thats all!!

Four movies I would watch over and over
1. Grease
2. Love Actually
3. Bridget jones diary
4. The castle

Four places I have lived
1. Perth, WA
That's it till next year when I go travelling for a year!!D)

Four TV shows I love to watch:
1. The OC
2. Desperate Housewives
3. House
4. Sex and the city (foxtel):)

Four places I have been on vacation:
1. Melbourne
2. New Zealand
3. Queensland
4. Next year my list will include: Mexico, Carabian, Bahamas, New York, Las Vegas, LA, London, Paris, Switzland to name a few!!

F) Websites visited daily:
1. Hotmail - personal
2. Womens health and fitness bulletin board
3. Blogs (almost daily)4.

G) Four of my favourite foods:
1. Chocolate
2. Protein pancakes
3. sushi
4. pumpkin soup

Four places I would rather be right now:
1. On my trip next year!!
2. Having a relaxing massage
3. Having cocktails near a pool
4. At the movies

Four people I think will respond1. Hmmm I'm not sure... surprise me!

Now, here's what you're supposed to do... copy the above, enter your answers and either post it on your blog or email it to your friends!!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Feeling Positive

I am feeling a lot better today. It has been one week today that I injured myself running and although it is still quite sore it is slowly improving, I wish it would all happen a little bit faster. Have had another session of physio and off for a sports deeps tissue massage early next week. I am still limping around but it is definately not as painful and I have been able to start stretching. I have been a good girl with eating except for a few squares of dark chocolate the other night. I have also been going to the gym to work my upper body so at least I feel like i'm doing something. I have also lost a bit of weight this week so it just shows how important diet is. I can't wait to go for a run and as hilary said to me in a message it will just make me so determined and motivated when I do get back into it- you are so right!! I have promised myself not go into training too early because I don't want to cause another injury.
Sorry again for my last few blogs- I know they were a bit down but i'm all happy today.

I better be off to do some work- have a great thursday!!

Love Amy

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Getting very frustrated and GRUMPY!!

Well it has been four days now since my last run and still in quite a bit of pain. I had physio on Saturday and I have torn a muscle. Because of where in the muscle it is it will take a little while to heal- so i've been told with very strict instructions that i'm not allowed to do any running for a couple of weeks. I was like a couple of weeks. That is soooooooooooo long. However I don't want to go back to early and tear it again and even worse. I am going to the gym tonight to do an upper body workout. I will be able to slowly start walking but I can't even do that at the moment because I am limping. I am just so upset coz my times were good, i have been running longer distances and my weight has been dropping. To make it worse dad went running yesterday and ran 15km in 73 minutes. I was so annoyed but happy for him. My physio said I will be fine to run my half marathon in sept- it is 12 weeks away so I suppose I do have some time up my sleeve thank goodness.
Sorry for my depressing blog- I know time heals. One good thing is I haven't been as hungry!!

Have a fab week


Thursday, June 15, 2006

I'm in pain!!

Well i finally thought all my troubles were over now that my shins have basically been pain free since I got my new orthotics made. The last week or so I have had very tight quad muscles and have been stretching them heaps. Yesterday I had planned for my long run. I started from home and headed towards the narrows bridge (freeway) and this whole way I didn't feel comfortable. It was quite sore and couldn't push as hard as I usually would. By the time I got to the narrows I had to stop running, the pain was soo bad. I decided I would stretch and boy did this hurt. I then couldn't run anymore it was killing me. I am so angry that this is happened. I was starting to run really well and my times were definately showing this. So I had my little cry and limped all the way home. It was the longest 5km ever! By them time I got home I could hardly walk. I came in and iced my quad and took anti-inflammatories. The pain now is radiating down to my knee. Anyways I had to go to work that arvo and spoke to my collegue who is a physio. I am lucky enough that he is going to work on it tom!! I hope it gets better really soon. My dad was trying to joke with me last night and saying it should be him that is cracking up with the training for the half marathon. At the time I didn't think it was funny!!haha

I also got to meet the reps for Adidas last night through work. We had a meeting with them to discuss latest technologies especially for running shoes. I have able to score myself so very very cheaps shoes and clothes too. I love this about my job!! All the little perks. Also got some world cup freebie stuff too.

Sorry for sounding very negative in this blog. I'm sure it will be good in no time. I hate taking time off from training. I just want to get out there now but unfortunately my leg is definately telling me NO!!

Have a great weekend. I m off to see my beloved Geelong play at Subi tom- hope they get up!

Love Amy

Monday, June 12, 2006

Has it been a week already!

I can't believe how time just flies. Have been really busy and got another bout of tonsolitis last week. I went to the doctors early to get antibiotics and thank goodness I was feeling better within 24 hours. I was lucky enough to not have any work off but I was so run down and tired. Went to bed very early every night. Anyways all better now. I just missed out on one workout so was happy with that.
I have started another 12 week challenge today by myself. So i'll keep you posted on how I am going. I want to lose another 3 to 5 kg to be at goal goal weight. I feel really positive to do it and have some great goals to achieve.
My running has been going pretty well. I have been doing 2-3 weight sessions a week, 2 cross training and about 4 runs a week. I missed out on my long run last week so I really need to do one early this week so I can do another one on Sunday.
Besides that not much else to say. Hope everyone is well!

Love Amy

Friday, June 02, 2006

Yay- Long Weekend!!

You have to love them don't you!! I had to work this morning but I had my last patient at 10:30 so finished by 11. It was great!! I went out to dinner with 2 girlfriends last night and then went and saw the davinci code. I absolutely loved it. I am reading the book at the moment but loved the movie. I had such a funny night. We decided to go away for a girlie weekend in mid july so really looking forward to that!! I have a 21st tonight and am allowing myself to have a couple of wines because I have been good all week. No plans as such tomorrow, might have a chillout day and get a few dvds. Then heading out on my boyfriends dad's boat on Monday. Probably go up the swan river and have lunch in the swan valley at Sandalford wines (no drinking though!!). hehehehe.
I have been eating pretty well this week but I have only done 2 runs as I went running with my new orthotics last weekend and ended up with killer blisters!! Besides this I have been feeling really good and positive all week. I went for a 10km run around the bridges in Perth but started having problems half way round. I couldn't turn back as there was water in between so I had to battle the last 5km out. I don't listen to the advice that I give my patients at work!! Anyways I have been riding lots- nearly 30km everyday just so all my hard work didn't go down the drain. I'm going for a run this arvo so i'll let you know how I go!

I bought new boots today as well as a new jacket. They are so hot. I bought two dresses yesterday as well. I am now staying away from the shops till I reach my next goal weight.
Have a fabulous weekend

Love Amy