Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mondays come around too quickly!!

I had such a lovely weekend. I went to down south to Gracetown with a whole heap of people from work. One of the girls goes back to the Aberdeen Office so we decided to all get away and have a weekend away. This way they could see what we were all talking about with the our wonderful wineries. The house was right on the beach and was just so peaceful. My good friend who got me my job had to drive back on Saturday afternoon to celebrate our friends engagement. We managed to fit in a really long walk along the beach and some tracks up some hills to a beautiful lookout. So I was tired on Sunday and enjoyed a nice sleep in and a lazy morning with my OH and then had coffee with the girls in the arvo. Bliss.

I have been training really hard of late but weighed myself from after the weekend and put on 0.5kg. Not to worry. I think it were the few drinks, the salt and the lack of intense exercise over the last few days. Back to controlled eating today and feeling better already. It really got me thinking to how a number on the scale can really dtermine how you feel. I know it shouldn't and it is only a number and knowing my weight I can easily flucuate depending on the time of the month, or not having enough water ect. So I just kept telling myself that today and it has just made me think to get back on the right track and not undo all the hard work of late.

As I said in my last post my boyfriends sister got engaged. She asked me last weekend to be her bridesmaid, so all very exciting. Now this is even greater incentive to look fabulous. We are going dress looking after christmas so this is one little goal to keep me going!

Hope you are all well. Take care


Monday, November 03, 2008

So where have I been?

Well I have been running around like a chicken with no head!!

Life has been a whirl wind for the last 6 weeks and I hope now it is starting to settle down. I can't believe that my last post was so so long ago. I will not bore you with what I have been doing but it has been a combination of many things. I have officially finished uni for the semester and now have evenings free again. Uni has taken up so much of my time. I was there 3 nights a week for classes and then the multiple hours that are required for assignments. It has been nice having no exams but the stress of finishing assignments with balancing work and a chance of a life has been hard. I don't think I will do 3 units next semester but just 2 as work is becoming more and more busy and demanding. All over now so it is nice to just be working full time. I have had other stresses in this time period and has probably been more the reason for having time away from blogging. Everything seems to be improving there so I should have less stress from now on.

I have still managed to keep training going well. It seems to be the one thing that I can do to release tension and stress and just have some quality 'me' time. It really is my saving grace. I have lost 3.6kg in this time and feeling really good again. Another couple wouldn't go astray but all in all am feeling happier with the way I am looking. All my clothes are feeling nicer. I have been doing a lot of rpm as this class is offered the most in the early morning. I feel so good after it. I can feel that I am getting fitter also. I have also joined a fitness/boot camp on saturday mornings. This is fab. It is run by an ex army guy who is super fit for his age of 70. He really pushes you. The first time I went I felt like throwing up from the intense work out he put us through. It goes for about an 1.5hrs and I am totally beat after I finish. I do it with my good friend. We lived in london together and she was doing the classes before she went over. I promised her I would join when I ghot back so I have. It mixes the routine up a bit and thoroughly enjoy the challenge.

With uni, training, work, the rest of the time has been spent with friends and family. It must be the time for weddings and engagements. I have been to two weddings in the last 4 weeks and have had 3 engagements in this time period. Something must be in the waters. My bf sister just got engaged last weekend and it was all so exciting. We found out the news while we were at his cousins wedding. She is one of these people who has everything organised to the last detail. She has an organised file with tabs on them and has already booked all the big things like church, venue etc. I couldn't believe it! She was planning it all the day after! If that was me I would definitely be enjoying it and not even thinking of this!!hahaha

Well I best go get some work done. Everyone else is out of the office for Melbourne cup. I drew the short straw and has had to stay back. I will be joining them all later.

Till next time,


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I am still here!

I have been very absent of late and so much has happened. My life felt like a rollercoaster the last few weeks. I felt like I jumped on and couldn't get off. Too much to explain in the post but am doing much better now.

Uni is going very well and really enjoying it as well. It really helps that I am doing HR a few days a week and the people at work have been fabulous with helping out. I am already on a week off. Uni students have it great!! 4 weeks on, one week off. I don't have exams so I finish at the end of october for this semester. Very nice!

I am still going really well with food and training wise. I have managed to lose about 5kg in my challenge and I would just like to lose another 2 and I would be really happy. With all this added stress, instead of eating too much I tend to forget to eat. All on track now and eating nice healthy regular meals. I am really enjoying rpm, running in the mornings and few weight sessions as well in the week. I really see my training time as my escape and some "me time".

I will try and update more often and thanks for those who left comments. I really enjoy reading other people's blogs and I don't always leave comments but will hopefully do this more in the future.


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Due for an update...

Well It definitely hasn't been the best two weeks food and training wise. I have been so ill we two lots of tonsilitis. This is the 5th lots in about 8 months or so and I am totally over it. I got to the first one early and OH parents are both specialists so they got me onto antibiotics straight away. Felt feverish and my throat like razors but after about 3 days of antibiotics got back into the training again and was starting to feel good. Two days after I finished that course of antibiotics I woke up in the middle of the night with what felt like razor blades in my throat and I was drenched in my own sweat. Felt awful again. So had anoth lot of antibiotics and this time blood tests to find out what was going on with my body.

So the outcome was that I was ridculously low in iron. Mine was 1 and it is suppossed to be around 8. So I had the choice over injections or tablets- of course I opted for tablets (I am such a wuss!!). I am feeling a bit more normal now and less tired but today was my first day back at the gym after about a week and have just been doing some light walks as I couldn't handle anything else without the feeling of fainting. I felt a bit shaky with some weights today but did take it pretty easy.

The thing is though with hardly being able to swallow and just feeling so tired I have been not eating no where near as much as I should as I just have had no appetite. I am sure now that I am getting my mojo back I hope to get to eating my planned meals. I was doing so well in my challenge that this has really taken me a few steps back from what I was. I feel I have lost strength that I gained. I still have 4 weeks left so we will see. I do weight lighter because of being sick but it is not for the right reasons.

So I am planning for a full week of training and nutrition ahead. I also start uni tonight so quite excited but anxious at the same time. I have planned all my meals around this and am prepared as I don't finish uni till 8:30 at night. I hope I can cope with it all. We will see!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

So happy it's Friday

Well so much for writing every week. I have been a bit slack the last few weeks. Partly because I have been busy but also that when I get near a computer I love to read people's blogs and then too tired to update mine. Poor excuse hey!!

I am going still really good with my 12 week challenge. I have been spliting it up into 2 week intervals. It is so much easier to manage and feel a sense of achievement earlier. I am still losing gradually. On average about a half a kilo a week. I am so happy with that. I have never been able to lose huge amounts except for my first week or so of doing challenges.

I have been keeping a food diary which has been super helpful. It really keeps me 'real' but also catches out where I am going slightly astray as well. All in all I have done very well and no chocolate since my last little bit about 3 or 4 weeks ago. I know that and dried fruit are my downfalls so I am staying well clear and not even having them for my free meals till I feel really in control and know how to stop myself!

On other news I had my enrolment for uni on Tuesday and it really hit me that I was going back to study. I had a mini freak-out that I would not be able to cope with it all but thank goodness my mum is on school holidays and she talked some sensible sense into me! hahahah. So from july 28 I will be one busy busy lady. The company maersk I have been working for want me to work for them as much as possible as they are really ahppy with what I am doing and even spoke about possible full-time work after my first semester of uni if I was interested. So all very exciting.

I am finally feeling happier and more myself again with my body and work wise. I came home from overseas so unsettled but I am now finally feeling happy about all aspects of my life again.

So to the rest of these week- I hope all goes well.


Monday, June 23, 2008

I can hardly walk!

I am in total agony. I did my leg work out yesterday followed by intervals for cardio. I increased all my weights for legs and today I can hardly move. Walking even hurts. I dropped a pen on the floor today and I nearly cried picking it up.

So today I have done my back/shoulders training but cardio will not happen today. I think i'll be lucky if I can do it tomorrow even. hehehehe

As for the rest of my week last week it is still going well. I lost some more in both weight and centimeters but not as much as I hoped. I felt like I was retaining some fluid but I have been drinking so much water so I am hoping for a big loss this week. I will doing everything in power to make it a fantastic weight loss week like my first week. I managed to get 4 weight sessions in and the 5 cardios in as well plus one extra walk. I forgot how hard Sue's program was! I am feeling stronger and better for it every day.

I am working and getting paid this week for the mining company I have done work experience with. I went in last week and went through all there testing and they are very pleased with me, so they asked when am I free?? So I have re-arranged with my other work so I can work a few days with them this week. Very exciting!!

My aunty and uncle have been here from Auckland so I am a bit familied out with all the family do's that we have had. I have loved every bit of it though really! hehehe

Till later,


Monday, June 16, 2008

Day 14

And going fairly strong. The first week of a challenge you are always raring to go, second week not so much. Read lots of inspirational stuff last night and very focused again!

So the past week has been fairly good. I had a few minor slip-ups but nothing serious. I still had a loss of 0.5kg this week and lost cms so happy. I just must get my mojo from week 1 again and all will be good. I love doing my cardio outdoors (I can't stand to run on a treadmill!) and the weather has been really crappy here in Perth. I just read Shar's blog about running in the rain. You very rarely have huge down pours like the weekend and I too got wet!! I have been doing more rpm classes for some of my cardio instead. I have been working really hard in my weight sessions and have been pulling up sore the next day.

I really hope my computer is all sorted again. My posts were not coming up and none of the other blogs I read were getting updated too. I think I have it fixed so I don't post a thousand times of the same one and get totally frustrated!

Other good news last week- I got accepted into uni for postgrad HR. I start on the 28th July. Very happy and excited. I also got contract work with the mining company that I have been doing work experience for. Very happy!!

have a great week and thanks for all your messages.


Thursday, June 12, 2008

day 10

Please post!

Day 10, I wrote this yesterday but it didn't work!

I just wrote a post and it got deleted. Gee that is frustrating!!

I just wanted to tell you all that I am doing fairly well diet and training wise. I had a little slip up the other day. Not very bad though. I sneaked in a handful of dried fruit. I don't even know why I did it. So I am feeling a bit peckish now so I decided to come and blog.

I went for an 11km run today. I struggled though. My hamstrings were sore from training my legs the other day so it felt like I had ankle weights on the whole way. I had to stop once to catch my breath as it was all over the place. When I got home I trained shoulders. I normally always do weights first but realised if I didn't do them today they might not get done this week. So I am quite tired and sore now.

I lost a total of 2.2kg in my first week. I forgot to take measurements on my first day so I took them at week 1 so I will continue to measure from now on. I still have been checking my weight every few days and it is still going down most days. It has become a bit more gradual but I am happy with that.

I will write again in a few days. It is making me accountable, so is my food journal.


Saturday, June 07, 2008

Day 6

Hello all!

I have been doing really well so far on this challenge, so I am hoping to continue this way. I have a sqizz at the scales this morning because I really wanted to know how the were going and so far I have lost a little over 2kgs, so I am really happy.

I have been eating really well and tracking my food down daily. This really seems to help. I am suprised I haven't had too many cravings which is good because I do have a bit of a sweet tooth. I have had a few sugar free lollies last night when I went to Sex and the City movie. By the movie is fab!! Everyone around me had lollies, popcorn, coke and chocolate and tell you the truth I really wasn't that tempted.

I have been getting all my workout in that I have planned the night before. I have been so sore with DOMS though. I love the feeling though.

I am probably going to have my free meal tonight as I am going to my boyf parents place for dinner. If I can I will stick to just protein and vegies but I don't know what she has planned. She is a fabulous cook!!

I got up this morning and went for a long ride with lots of hills in it. The wind was so strong and cold this morning my legs were shot after it. I have spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon trying to set up a selling account for mum on ebay. The photos were so slow at uploading. She is hoping to sell some furniture that doesn't suit our new home so she can go out and put it towards new furniture.

WEll i best be off I am meeting my girlfriends for coffee (myself green tea).

Speak soon

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Day 2 of 12 week challenge

All is well here. It is my second day of my 12 week challenge and I am feeling very positive. I have been super organised and organised all my meals and my training times for the week. I have written my goals up and have also made an inspiration book, so I feel very well prepared for this coming 12 weeks. I also got all my old noted out from Sue for some extra inspiration.

So far I have followed the plan down to a 'T'. I did cardio at lunch time today for 45 minutes and my boyf is going to train me tonight for weights. He always seems to push me that bit further. He has promised me he will train with me for the next 12 weeks too. He is really so supportive and am lucky to be with someone who is so fit and healthy.

Already I feel lighter (even the scale says so in one day- I know its just fluid though!) and just feel good. I was a bit peckish last night when I got home from work but I just changed straight into my gym clothes and went and then after dinner I distracted myself by reading a book in bed so I was not near the kitchen.

I will be trying to blog every few days to keep myself focused and on track. So till then....


Thursday, May 29, 2008

Yay!It's a long weekend!!

I am very much looking forward to this long weekend in Western Australia. I am going down south again to my OH family's holiday house. I am looking forward to some nice relaxing days, visit some winderies, some nice long runs (hopefully) and spending time with my OH and his family.

I have now put my application in for uni to do my masters in human resources. So I will know in a few weeks if I am accepted. I am very much looking forward to going back to study. I know it will be crazy, but when is life not? I have been doing work experience in HR for a mining company and loving it. I will initially be doing the course full-time and working for this first semester and then hopefully get a job in HR management and do part-time from then on. I may be lucky enough to a get a job in the company I am doing the work experience for. We will see in the next few weeks if all that goes to plan.

Exercise and diet wise has been ok but there is definite improvement that can occur. I stepped on the scales for the first time this morning and was a little suprised by the number but it is the TOTM so I am not too concerned. I have been plodding along with food and exercise and I feel like I need a new challenge to get myself really motivated again. I am going to follow the program that Sue did for me a few years ago that worked wonders back then another go. I felt so good at the end of the 12 weeks and managed to lose weight and tone up. I will be strating off less than I did last time so I hope to see some noice changes! I will be starting when I get back from this long weekend. So I will be posting a bit more to keep myself accountable.


Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Feeling good!

I have had areally good past week. It really feels like everything has finally clicked since I have come home. It really has taken me a while to settle back into things.

My knee has finally settled down. I really have no idea what was happening with it. I really need to go and buy new runners so that may be p[art of the problem. My calves are now the ones that have been bothering me but I know if I stretch them they will feel better. I have been doing jacobs ladder a few times a week so I that is the reason my calf muscles are tight. I am really enjoying my running again, so now that my knee feels better I can hope to extend my runs a little further. Diet wise everything has clicked as well. I am really feeling positive at the moment.

I have a crazy weekend ahead and rest of the week. I have been doing some work experience as well as my normal work to see if HR is what I really want to do. My first day was last friday and absolutely loved it. They through me right in but I suppose that is the best way to learn sometimes. I am back there on Friday so I hope for another successful day. The time just flew by and it felt great to be doing something completely different to what I am used to. So I have one of my closest friends engagement party on Friday night, a friends birthday saturday day, my OH mother's b'day saturday night and then mother's day on sunday. I will be exhausted by monday!!

Have a great day on Sunday all you mothers out there!!


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I'm getting frusrated!!

First of all we had a lovely weekend away. It was so nice to relax, watch dvds, snuggle while it was raining outside and just spend time together. He took me out for a beautiful lunch on saturday. I must admit we indulged a little bit over the weekend but exercised each morning and definately didn't go overboard.

My knee is still giving me hell. Ihave been doing a lot of riding and walking with weights as running is the one that really aggrevates it. I think I am going to have to call a collegue of mine to fit me in for some much needed physio. I just hope it is not serious and heals very quickly. I went and did jacobs ladder again today followed by a ride on my stationary bike at home. I probably shouldn't have done it as my knee is really sore now. I think it will be just a long walk for me tomorrow.

Everything else is going well. I called up for my application for uni today. So that is all very exciting. I will hopefully be allowed to start next semester.

Take care

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Well I haven't been very consistent with writing everyday. I think I will make it weekly. I don't get near a computer everyday so to say i'll blog daily is a bit of a joke.

This week has been going well. Since I have made the decision to study again I have been a lot happier. It was playing a lot on my mind and now that I have spoken to a lot of different people and have got their opinions I am really quite excited. So I will be a working and studying girl next semester!!

Fitness wise and foodwise I have been going ok. I wouldn't say it is my best eating week but it hasn't been a blow out either. I have had some chocolate here and there and just bigger portion sizes than usual. I hate it when I feel too full and I have done this a few times this week. Exercise wise has been good. I have been doing power walking for about an hour each day with hand weights. My left knee has been playing up. I do not know if it has been because I have been doing jacobs ladder about 2-3 times a week and then running on the other days. So this week I have done walking and tried jacobs ladder today. The knee was good. I was waiting for it to start hurting but it didn't, so I kept on going. I am paying for it a bit now though. I feel good that I did it.

I am really looking forward to this weekend. My OH is taking me away for the weekend. Since I got back home we really have been so flat out to spend some quality time together. His mum has been very ill and now on her road to recovery. His new job also took a lot of his time and my constant worries have probably consumed his other time. So I am very excited about this weekend. He has a holiday house just out of margaret river so some nice wine tasting will probably be in order.

Hope you are all well and to a positive and happy week ahead


Sunday, April 06, 2008

Well I am now back in Perth and slowly settling in. I mean slowly too. A lot has happened since arriving home. My parents have finished building there new home so we have moved in and getting settled there. It has been quite strange to move back into home while living away for a long time. I am very lucky that I get along with mum and dad very well and am enjoying the space of our new house. It will be great to be spoilt for a bit and till I find my feet.

I have been a lot of soul searching since being away and now coming home. I am looking at changing my career and doing human resources. I have been contemplating it for quite some time now but now have been active and really looking into it. I need to make some big decisions as I will eligible to start in second semester-either at uni or tafe. I am just trying to figure out the best course to take.

Fitness wise and diet wise I have been fairly good. I have lost some weight since returing home. It is nice to get back into my regular exercise sessions and be in control of what I am eating. I am going to try and start a new program in a few weeks to keep me focussed but my number one priority is figuring out my study. It is great being at home and having the support of mum and dad. At first I was really worried about how they would react in my career change but they have been really fantastic.

I am going to start blogging everyday as this really does keep me focussed. So for today:
Exercise: Run to jacobs ladder and run up it 8 times and run back. Total of 50 minutes. (This is so hard and any perth people who have done it will understand!!)


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I wish this week was over!

WARNING!!I rant and rave a bit in this one!!

I am having a really tough week. I am firstly missing my boyfriend terribly but most of all I am really angry with my guy friends who are also my house mates. We leave for South Africa next Monday but two of the boys thought it would be a great idea to go skiing a week before we are leaving. So they knew this very well in advanced but left there rooms in a big mess and hardly anything packed. They are due to come back on Sunday when we are doing the handover of our rental house. They are not coming home till the afternoon so I have no idea when they thought they were going to pack because I will have to do the whole handover. I got a call today and it is now changed to Saturday as the person doing it does not work on Sunday. So they have there keys, so they will have to organise how to get it to them.

I was furious when I came home on Saturday evening to find every pot and pan used and plates galore with food caked on. I have been staying at my girlfriends for the last few nights before this so i was not expecting a dirty house as I cleaned before I went to hers. The boys then left early Sunday morning. Nothing got done on Saturday as it was Oz day and we went to an aussie pub to celebrate with all other aussies in england! They also had quite a few drinks and when I got home at 8 they were already in bed!!

So the last few days I have been cleaning and scrubbing and dusting and you name it, i have done. I have never meet lazier boys in my life and who live like ferrals in their rooms. My room was upstairs and had an ensuite so I never went down stairs much to their rooms. It was so gross, there was mould on the doors as well.

Anyways I have finished it all now and nearly packed all my stuff. I can't wait to one of my other housemates comes home tonight as he has been in Dublin with his gf.

Food and exercise has been spot on this week. I had a few small choccies last night but that is all. My exercise has been my saviour as it is my stress release, and I have been doing something of the best runs and weight workouts!! I have decided to stop weighing myself so much as quite often the scales would determine what day I would have depending if i lost weight or i had put on. This way I go on how I am feeling and how my clothes look and feel. So far it has been working really well.

I will probably have time to write one more post before I leave for south africa. Sorry for ranting and raving. It helps to get it all out!!

have a great rest of the week


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Well I can't believe that over half of january is over and I have only written one post. Ben left over a week ago now and took his laptop with him so checking my blog has been a bit of a struggle. I have been however reading everyone's blogs as much as possible. I am missing Ben like crazy but it 5 weeks till i see him now.

I have had a great year so far. My running is going great guns and have been running about 8-10km three times a week, 2 5km runs a week with intervals and about 4 weight training sessions. So I have been really impressed with myself. I am really keen to do a half marathon in September and have been thinking about doing training for some triathons when I get home too. We will see.

Had a few low days last week when I just felt really down about myself in general. I think it was a combination of missing ben, getting a bit scared about being so white and fitting into my bikini and just the uncertainity of how i am going to feel when going back home. I have thinking heaps about how I perceive myself to others. I really think I come across as a really confident, strong young women who knows what I want but deep down I really am a bit of a shambles but am building this to be a place where i am content with myself. Every day i struggle with body issues but am really focusing on positive thinking and the right attitude this year to help me over these issues. I am not going to let the weight on scales to determine my fortune and how i am feeling. I really am getting anxious about my work when i get home as it will be crunch time to decide if this is the career i want to endevour. I am trying not to think about this too hard at the moment as I really need to wait till i get back home to sort this out. So as you can se I have been doing a bit of soul searching. One of my closest friends come back from perth this week too so she has been shedding some positive feedback to me as well, some constructive stuff and some really positive things that I needed to hear as well. She is really a great friend who gives very honest advice and has been there to help me through some tougher times.

So after all that rambling I am feeling positive. I am going to have a great eating week, great exercise week, great feeling week and enjoying only working 3 days!!!

Have fun

Love Aims

Monday, January 07, 2008

Welcome 2008

One of many beautiful spots in Caribbean

Me in Chamonix

Ben and I in Paris

I know I am very late with this post but I thought better late than never. I have been reflecting over my last year and it has been one that I will remember for the rest of my life. I have achieved so many fabulous things, seen some amazing sights, meet some fabulous people who will now be friends for life and have discovered more about myself than a very long time.

The list of places that I have been too has extended from places in Australia and NZ to pretty much every continent in the world. So many people have asked where my favourite place has been and I would have to say Paris and the Caribbean. Paris is just so amazing. There is a place for everybody. There is the history, the museums, the art, the shopping and the food!!!! I have dined at some amazing restaurants when Ben's parents came over in September. The Caribbean was also incredible. It was a hard life for those 6 weeks that we just sailed from island to island watching the cricket and building a fantastic tan. My life in these six weeks was so simple and easy without a care in the world. The places traveled on Contiki will be an experience that will also never be forgotten.

As you know I was skiing over Christmas. It was fantastic. It was quite different being away from family at this time and did feel a bit homesick but in saying this I will never forget it. We had a big Christmas dinner cooked by all 9 of us that went, played in the snow in the afternoon and laughed and drank merrily. I have become more confident on the ski's since the last time (12 years ago). I did manage to do a massive fall and get some big bruises and a very sore elbow but that didn't stop me from getting back up.

As for my personal development this year I have been faced to deal with my many emotions about my body and the way I feel about it. I know I will have a continual battle but I must admit I have had fewer back steps this year than from the last few. I had times when I felt ugly and fat but I now look back at photos and think I must have been crazy. I looked good but was just in a complete denial. I am learning to love myself for me in the present time and not to critise myself so much. My boyfriend has been a saviour and he is always helping me through some tough times and is always there for me. I love him heaps and I don't think he really knows how much it means to have the continual love and support that he gives me as he is one of the few people who really knows what mental battles I go through.

So for this year I hope for it to be an impressive one. I arrive back in Perth in late February after being to South Africa. My boy starts his new job in January and I am so happy for him. I will miss him heaps for the 6 weeks we are separated but I know it won't be long before seeing him. I am going to sort out my career path and decide if podiatry is what I want to do and go into partnership or if something else is in the making. I am going to run the half marathon back home in September and become more confident in my appearance and self with little baby steps along the way.

So to all of you Happy New Year!!

Lots of love Amy