Saturday, January 24, 2009

A photo taken at a really good friends wedding

Feeling a bit blah today

Weight: up 0.2g today (total loss 5.9kg)

Exercise- 30 min run this morning and walk around the bridges from my house (11km walk).

Feeling- I just feel exhausted today. I couldn't sleep this morning. I live near the south perth foreshore and the cockatoos start calling before the sun isn't up. They are really starting to do my head in! So I got up and got going. I went for a really good run this morning. I felt energised and ran well. I love this feeling when you could run forever. All up probably a bit over 5km. So after this I had to have a blood test. My iron levels are still low and Dr needs to find out why. I have results they are low, go on a course of iron supplements and still low- no wonder i feel tired! So they took what felt like 100's of vials from me today. Felt very light headed at one stage. I could hear the blood being expressed into the vials. Not pleasant. Did my fruit and veg shopping, did the bathrooms, vacuumed and mopped and hung out two loads of washing all before 10:30. Now its 9:30pm and i'm zonked. Not up for doing anything tonight. So I might curl up with a good mag and get some shut eye. Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone. So glad it is a long one!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Starting Fresh.

I have decided I am going to blog my weight loss (hopefully not many gains!) and what I have been doing every couple of days so I can record how I am feeling and see how I am going. Since October last year I have lost 5kgs and would love to lose the last 3kg to be very happy at where I am. I am not worried about the number of the scale and have learnt how my body reacts with certain foods, time of the month, stress. It really has been interesting. I am feeling great but could still see a few more improvements.

So today:

Weight- down 0.3 from yest

Exercise: 30mins on interval training and stretch and few leg exercises

Feeling- Feeling good. I am a little bit tired but all is well. I had a big day yesterday and because work is so busy had to go in yesterday to sort out a few new contracts. Going to see a movie this arvo and then catching up with some friends at a friend's going away party (she is moving to sydney)