Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I'm getting frusrated!!

First of all we had a lovely weekend away. It was so nice to relax, watch dvds, snuggle while it was raining outside and just spend time together. He took me out for a beautiful lunch on saturday. I must admit we indulged a little bit over the weekend but exercised each morning and definately didn't go overboard.

My knee is still giving me hell. Ihave been doing a lot of riding and walking with weights as running is the one that really aggrevates it. I think I am going to have to call a collegue of mine to fit me in for some much needed physio. I just hope it is not serious and heals very quickly. I went and did jacobs ladder again today followed by a ride on my stationary bike at home. I probably shouldn't have done it as my knee is really sore now. I think it will be just a long walk for me tomorrow.

Everything else is going well. I called up for my application for uni today. So that is all very exciting. I will hopefully be allowed to start next semester.

Take care

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Well I haven't been very consistent with writing everyday. I think I will make it weekly. I don't get near a computer everyday so to say i'll blog daily is a bit of a joke.

This week has been going well. Since I have made the decision to study again I have been a lot happier. It was playing a lot on my mind and now that I have spoken to a lot of different people and have got their opinions I am really quite excited. So I will be a working and studying girl next semester!!

Fitness wise and foodwise I have been going ok. I wouldn't say it is my best eating week but it hasn't been a blow out either. I have had some chocolate here and there and just bigger portion sizes than usual. I hate it when I feel too full and I have done this a few times this week. Exercise wise has been good. I have been doing power walking for about an hour each day with hand weights. My left knee has been playing up. I do not know if it has been because I have been doing jacobs ladder about 2-3 times a week and then running on the other days. So this week I have done walking and tried jacobs ladder today. The knee was good. I was waiting for it to start hurting but it didn't, so I kept on going. I am paying for it a bit now though. I feel good that I did it.

I am really looking forward to this weekend. My OH is taking me away for the weekend. Since I got back home we really have been so flat out to spend some quality time together. His mum has been very ill and now on her road to recovery. His new job also took a lot of his time and my constant worries have probably consumed his other time. So I am very excited about this weekend. He has a holiday house just out of margaret river so some nice wine tasting will probably be in order.

Hope you are all well and to a positive and happy week ahead


Sunday, April 06, 2008

Well I am now back in Perth and slowly settling in. I mean slowly too. A lot has happened since arriving home. My parents have finished building there new home so we have moved in and getting settled there. It has been quite strange to move back into home while living away for a long time. I am very lucky that I get along with mum and dad very well and am enjoying the space of our new house. It will be great to be spoilt for a bit and till I find my feet.

I have been a lot of soul searching since being away and now coming home. I am looking at changing my career and doing human resources. I have been contemplating it for quite some time now but now have been active and really looking into it. I need to make some big decisions as I will eligible to start in second semester-either at uni or tafe. I am just trying to figure out the best course to take.

Fitness wise and diet wise I have been fairly good. I have lost some weight since returing home. It is nice to get back into my regular exercise sessions and be in control of what I am eating. I am going to try and start a new program in a few weeks to keep me focussed but my number one priority is figuring out my study. It is great being at home and having the support of mum and dad. At first I was really worried about how they would react in my career change but they have been really fantastic.

I am going to start blogging everyday as this really does keep me focussed. So for today:
Exercise: Run to jacobs ladder and run up it 8 times and run back. Total of 50 minutes. (This is so hard and any perth people who have done it will understand!!)