Sunday, October 28, 2007

What a weekend!

I have had such a fabulous weekend. It first started on friday morning when I weighed in 1 kg lighter (I weighed in this morning and have lost anoth kg over the weekend). Work was hectic on Friday but headed straight to my friends house on Friday night for a pink party. It was to raise money for breast cancer. It was a lot of laughs. Everything was pink- the drinks, the food, the table cloth and napkins, the prizes for the games. It was great. We then went to a club close to home to dance the night away.

Had a great sleep in on Saturday morning before heading the gym for an awesome workout. I really wasn't in the mood for going but i'm glad I did because I really worked hard. I think it helps when two of my friends went with me and they are just as dedicated and trying to lose a few kg's too. We then had an 80's night last night. We caught public transport there and boy did we get a few looks!! Lots of 80's music so another night on the dnce floor.

Slept in again this morning, called mum and dad and went to the gym. Just about to go to dinner at my friend Rach's.

So all in all a really good week food wise and I went to the gym 6 days this week. I hope this week will be the same. I have already prepared my food for tomorrow so I am being super organised. Have a fabulous week

Love Aims

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I just got my hair done

Doesn't it feel great when you just have your hair cut and coloured. I haven't had mine done since February just before I left home. It feels so lovely now. I just trimmed the ends as I like my hair long now. It has grown so much. The colour is a bit lighter too but still looks natural. I will post some photos when my boys gets home from the gym to take some.

Have had a really good day. All my meals have been clean and I had an awesome session at the gym. I did 30 minutes of interval cardio and 10 minutes on this machine I have never seen before. It is like a stepper but the steps are on a gradient uphill and it is like two steps not one and then your arms are moving like a X trainer. It feels like I am skiing upwards. I really felt the heart rate go up and felt the burn in my butt and thighs. Also did upper body weights too. So felt good. I am going to start posting how much weight I lose or put on (hopefully off) from Friday and then weekly after that.

Found out today my boy leaves on the 12th of January to go home so he can start his new job. I will stay on to march/april but it will be hard. I haven't been separated from him since we left at the beginning of March. I suppose its only for 2-3 months. He went away to paris on the weekend and I missed him like crazy then. I know I will cope. Thank god for the telephone and internet!!

Hope you are all well.

Love Aims

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Where has the weekend gone?!?

I have had such a fabulous weekend. I have spent the whole weekend with two of my really close girlfriends as my boy and his mates were in Paris for the rugby world cup grandfinal.

Friday day I cleaned the house. Living with 3 boys can be very hard at time and they are just so messy. It was nice to clean and know the house would be like this for at least till monday when they came home. I had my first gym session and it felt great. I did cardio for 40 minutes and some weights. We went out on friday night to a bar close to home to meet up with some people. I didn't drink at all as I was still on antibiotics and just didn't feel like it. It was a top night.

On saturday the sun was shining in London!! Went to the gym in the morning, spoke to my mum, and then walked through the park to the shopping strip with the girls. We did some shopping and I got a few things I needed. We went to a pub to watch the rugby and then headed out for a dance. It was really a funny night and had a blast.

It was so nice to sleep in this morning and we all just chiled at mine this morning. We went to the gym in the arvo and I did cardio and weights. It feels nice to be back into it. I have eaten really quite well this weekend. I missed a few of the meals I had planned but overall it was really good. It just feels good not to be feeling ill and over my tonsilitis.

Have a good week everyone, I'm only working three days this week so that should be lovely.


Thursday, October 18, 2007

I'm tired!

Today has been a long day. I had to catch the tube, then an overland train and then walk half an hour to work and back today. It is also a 10 minute walk to the tube. I also did a walk at lunch so I did not go to the gym today. It was my first day back since I got tonsilits and it really took it out of me. I was exhausted. I still felt very average this morning but I knew I couldn't call in sick as I knew I had a full day of patients in and its too hard to re-arrange. So I battled through.

My boyfriend and some of his mates are driving to Paris tonight to watch the rugby world cup final tomorrow. He was so excited when he left. So I'm having a nice quiet weekend with my girlfriends and really looking forward to it. This is the first time that we have been apart since we left home in March!

Food wise everything was ok, not 100% clean and I really could have done better than a piece of toast for dinner but I just didn't have the energy to cook. I am going to go shopping and be organised for all my food choices next week. I have drank lots of water too today. It is so nice to swallow and it does not hurt so much!

I hope the weather was as nice as it was today. It was sunny in London- can you believe it!!hahahaa

I am going to the gym tomorrow. Can't wait to be back there. Till tomorrow.

Love aims

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I'm back this time for good!

I have not blogged in such a long time but my head really hasn't been in the best place of late. I have been reading people's blogs though and I really admire all these people who have worked really hard to where they are now. I have lapsed in a way that I haven't done for a very long time and now trying to dig myself out of all these negative thoughts. I have had the best year travelling but I am still so unhappy with certain things in my life.

Number one being work. I am not enjoying it, especially over here in the UK. I think it is a combination of the travel, the monotonomous of the jobs that i have been given and the lack of the challenege. I wish the days away and I hate this. At the moment it money and when I go back home next year I am going to seriously think hard about a career change.

Number two being my body image. This has been a problem for a number of years. I have played mind games with myself for as long as I can remember and they always get me down and really upset. I have decided I really need to get in control of this issue otherwise it is really going to affect me forever. I have decided to take one day at a time and blog at least every second day with my exercise, eats and general feelings for the day. This way I hope to see any patterns to how I am feeling. I am at a gym and eating relatively well. I have been really ill the last two weeks- first with a stomach bug that wiped me out for 4 days (couldn't keep any food down and my appetite was nil) and I am now on antibiotics for a bad dose of tonsilits which has had me in bed for another 4 days. I have felt so rotten. Over this time I have hardly eaten but then again I have hardly moved! I have really missed home since I have been sick but I guess this to be expected.

So from today expect to read a lot more about me and if I stop writing it probably means I have had a downward spiral and just need to be picked up again. Hopefully this will not happen.

So today:
Exercise will be a short walk just to get moving again as I am still feeling very average but just need to stretch the legs.

Food: It is only 11am here so I have eaten protein pancakes this morning so far

Till tomorrow...