Monday, November 27, 2006


Well i have survived my busy social week and had a great time and even better lost 1.1kg this week!! I am so so happy. This was after drinking way way too much at my best friends 21st on Saturday night and feeling so very average yesterday. I will credit myself though the rest of the week i was in total control and I knew that saturday was going to be a big night. However I probably should have eaten something at the party or before because I was one very drunk girl!! But a very happy one at that!! I would have burned so many calories from all the dancing though. I stumbled in at about 4.30am sunday morning!! I will post some photos in the next few days as my friend has my digital camera at the moment (she looked after me!).

All my other social outings were really good too but I didn't drink at any of them and ate before I went or when i came home. I really feel at this stage of my journey that I am in total control of everything. I am feeling really good about myself, my exercise and eating and so proud of everything I have achieved. So go me!! hehehehe

This week social wise is a lot quieter thank goodness. Work wise will probably be flat out. I recieved some really bad news today from my receptionist that my bosses sister (he is only 25 and his sister 22 or 23) had died so he will not be in for work for awhile. I called him and told him i'll take care of the practice but i was totally shocked. I have only met his sister once but I really feel for him and his family. It just really made me think that things can change so suddenly. It really made me appreciate all the people in my life and what is really important to me. Everything just seemed to be put into perspective.

Have a fabulous week everybody. Less than 4 weeks to christmas!! i'm so excited

Love Amy

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

This week is crazy

I can't blieve it is wednesay already and I haven't posted since last monday. Time just flys by. I have such a busy rest of the week. I am going out to dinner tonight with one of my bosses to discuss what is going to happen when I go away and discuss future practice plans. Tomorrow night i'm going out with my uni friends for a catch up- for some I haven't seen them since last year when we finished. Friday I have a sporting dinner presentation night that I have to go to for my boyfriend as he is the captain for the WA rugby team. Saturday is my best friends 21st and sunday i have another 21st and a baby shower. So as you can see I have a very busy social calender ahead. In between that I have work, a conference and maybe some sleep!! hehehe

Food and exercise is great. Ire-read Sharleens blog today and what she wrote in the last post is how I feel completely. I am feeling so good at the moment that I don\t know why I waited so long to get into this frame of mind and just do it. I lost another 500g this week and things are really feeling loose on me and i'm loving all my food and exercise and just don't feel tempted by anything lately. I have another 1.5kg to go!! By Christmas I should be at goal and maybe a little bit less would be nice.

Have a good rest of the week

Love Amy

Monday, November 13, 2006

I feel tired

I feel really tired today. I have been waking up ridiculously early lately then can not go back to sleep. I woke up at 4.30 this morning but i didn't get up then. I was going to go for a walk this morning but i'm going to the gym for weights tonight and then going and doing jacobs ladder with my dad after that. I have a funny feeling my iron is down because i get like this when it is low.

Exercise and food wise has been ok but i didn't lose anything this week. I know in myself that i ate fairly well most of the time but i knew more portions were bigger than usual. So this week i am going to be extra good and try really hard for another big loss. Exercise wise tho i had a really good week last week. On monday i went for a 40 min walk, and then an hour ride, tues i did weights and a body attack. On wednesday i went for two walks for a total of 2hrs walking!! Thursday i went for another walk and weights. Friday i did weights, saturday i did 1hr cardio and sunday i did another body attack and weights. So i did quite a bit this week but I think i may up the intensity and throw a few runs in instead of walks (if i'm feeling up to it!)

I had a fairly quite weekend gone as all my friends are doing exams at the moment and all studying hard. I took my boy out to see boytown on sat night and it was so funny. I really enjoyed it. Caught up with two girlfriends on sunday arvo for coffee and a good catch up. So all in all it was very mellow!!

Have a great rest of the week everyone.

Love amy

Monday, November 06, 2006

Another loss

I lost 400g this week. All up i have lost 6.0kg. I was a little disappointed with this because i have tried so hard this week. But it is TTOM so i might be retaining fluid. This week I did 4 weight trainings, 2 long walks, step class, 5 cardio sessions lasting over an hour. So all up i was happy with that. This week i want to loss a bit more than that so i'm really motivated>
have a good week everyone.

Love me

Sunday, November 05, 2006

My Trip itinerary

Well I have payed all of my flights and contiki now so I thought it was time to give you a run down on what i'll be doing. So here goes:

2/3/07- Depart perth and fly to Sydney. Here we are going to see our beloved western force play as I don't know how long it will be before I see them play again (ps. my boyfriend is a complete rugby nut!)

6/3/06- Depart Sydney for Los Angeles
Same day depart LA for Miami (This is our first stint of spring break)

TBC- Depart Miami for Acapulco (second stint of spring break- i'll probably need a new liver by here!!)

TBC- Acapulco to Miami

23/3/06- Depart Miami to St Kitts
26/3/06- Depart St Kitts arrive in Antigua (Start of the cricket world cup)
10/4/06- Deaprt Antigua arrive Grenada
23/4/06 Depart Grenada arrive barbados.
3/5/06- Barbados to New york (my fantasies of New York being like Sex in the city come true!!)
9/5/06- New york to Chicago. Same day Chicago to Minneapolis. Here we are staying with some of my boyfirneds friends.
16/506 Fly to Las Vegas
22/5/05 Fly to Sanfransico and the London.
Arrive in London and start contiki tour where we will be seeing: London, Paris, Beaujolais,Barcelona, French riveria, Venice, Florence, Rome,Corfu, athens and then back to london.
The contiki lasts for 3 weeks
I will then need to start working. On the way home i'll then be visiting africa

So there we go guys that is my trip so far in the planning. It makes me so exctied talking about it. I'll post tomorrow night re my exercise and weight loss stuff after my weigh in. I have a feeling it should be ok tomorrow. I have had a really good week.

Love amy

Monday, October 30, 2006

Here is a photo as promised. Here is my new hair cut and my beautiful boy. Hope you all had a great day. I lost another half kilo this week. Yay- i have no time to write but i'll write again tomorrow!!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

The weekend goes so quickly

I can't believe how fast the weekend goes. I suppose it is because I technically only get one full day off with work but still! I have a busy end the week with one of my best friends 21st last night. It was really good. We drank too much and danced lots and didn't embarass her too much in her speech. She told me this morning that she was glad i wrote it out for her because she couldn't really remember us saying it!! She was soo gone.

Exercise wise the rest of this week has been really good. I did body attack and weights on tues, went for an hour power walk on wed, did weights on thursday plus an hour of cardio, did cardio friday and sat and did weights and cardio today. So all in all i am very happy with myself. Food has been pretty good too but i feel like i'm retaining fluid this week. Can blame that prob on TOTM. Anyways i weigh in tomorrow so i'll let you all know.

I'm off to bed now. Sweet dreams and have a great week.
Ps. I have forgotten how to download photos from my camera so when my boyfriend comes tomorrow i'll get him to show me again. hahahaha

Have a great week


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I am still alive!!

I am sorry for not blogging but i have been reading reading everyone's post still. I am going to make a promise to myself to blog at least twice a week. This way this will will keep me honest with my challenge as well and I can write about everything that has been happening. Work has been so chaotic the last couple of weeks. My poor boss had chicken pox and that left me to run everything patient wise. Money wise it has been nice for my trip account. It is now only 4 months away till i go. I am starting to get exctied. I did all my passport stuff today and should be here in 2 weeks!! The photo looks terrible though. You can't smile in the photo so it looks like a mug shot.

Food and exercise wise has been pretty good. I had a plateau for about 2-3 weeks where i only lost about 300g but I lost a 1 kg this week so I hope i'm over that. Only a few kg to goal. I am really noticing a difference and everything is feeling more comfortable and less tight!
I did an 18km walk for Princess Margaret hospital on sunday (from perth to Freo for all perth readers) and did it in 2 hours 39mins. I did it with a friend and we talked the whole way at a fairly fast pace. Yesterday i did an hour of cardio and tonight i plan to do cardio (bodyattack) and weights.

I'll send some more photos as I had a ball on friday night at the perth convention centre and i'll have to send them as i have a new hair do. I have gone back to brown hair as I wanted to take all the blonde out of it before i go away (one less thing to worry about!). I also have a fringe. I haven't had a fringe since i was a little girl. I look so different. So many people have not recognised me.

I have to be off to make my class at the gym. But i promise i'll be back this week to post again!!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

This is a picture of my beautiful mum (to the left of me), my aunty (to the left of my mum), my grandma (it was her birthday) and my great aunt (not looking at the camera). All these women are such an inspiration to me and we are all very close.

I have had such a great day today. It all started with a sleep in this morning. I picked up my bf from the airport yesterday morning and we were ment to be going out but the poor thing was so tired we stayed in last night. I woke up this morning and then he made me toast and a cup of tea in bed (I haven't had breakfast in bed for ages!!- it is so good). I was planning to go to the gym this morning but I was enjoying just spending time with him. I then came home mid morning and took my mum shopping. She has to go to the eagles awards night on friday for dads work and she wanted to buy a new dress. 3 and half hours later we came home with a dress, shoes, bag, jewellry and underwear and my feet were so sore from all the walking. I was also soo hungry by the time I got home. She is going to look so hot if I say so myself. She looks so good for her age. I'll post photos after the event!! I then came home made a slad sandwich and watched foxtel for a bit. I then went for a long run and ran really well. And now i'm here writing this!!!

Foodwise and exercise wise has been pretty good. I have lost a total of 4.9kg in 7 weeks so i'm pretty happy with this. I was pretty sick last week with a nasty virus which left me in bed for 3 whole days. All i could do was sleep, sleep and sleep. I think I was so drugged by all the pain medication the doctors gave me. Thank goodness that is all over. So this week I have eased myself into exercise and eating properly again. All I could eat when I was sick was toast and soup.

I am so looking forward to my day off tomorrow. I haven't had three days off in such a long time. I have now finished all my extra work. It is such a huge weight of my shoulders. I was getting all upset last week. Everything just seemed to hard. I was really missing my bf, i had so much work andi was still recovering from my virus. I'm really starting to relax now and i'm really looking forward to a nice sunny day in Perth tomorrow.

So that is a quick update on everything. I know I have been very slack with posting and i will promise now that I have a bit of time to do so more often.

Love Amy

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Second try

I hope this works this time!

I am the girl on the right and this at my 21st birthday. Nici is on the left and she is my best bud and have known eachother since we were born. She is coming away with me next year. Now that I know I can do this i'll post photos all the time!!


I hope this works

I have attempted to post photos up. Fingers crossed that it has worked!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

I need help..

I now have photos on my computer to put up on my blog but do not know how to do it. If anyone can please give me simple instructions to do so my photos will be up in no time. I will keep trying. My post for this week is coming.

Love Amy

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Another great week

I have had such a good week. I have lost another 1.5kg so a total of 4.4 kg in 6 weeks. I am really noticing the difference now. My clothes are starting to fall down and i'm getting compliments (which always makes you feel good) and I have noticed a big difference with my running. Now I don't know if it is because my fitness has improved with steady running for a couple of weeks or because I have lost some weight. Anyways I am a happy camper.

I have been doing rpm classes as well and i think this has improved my fitness levels. I have been doing 2 a week plus running and then of course weight training. I ran 6km this morning and I have had so much energy all day. Of late I have been doing all my training after work because it has been too cold and dark before work ( I know I am a wuss) but now that summer is coming I think i may start doing my exercise in the morning again. I have not neglected the exercise though. If I don't do exercise I can be very irritable and get down and just feel average.

My eating has been pretty good too but I allow myself a few treats a week and this really keeps me sane. I am a chocoholic and in the past I know that if i deny myself of it, i then binge feel guilty and the either go to extremes with exercise or not eating or worse still making myself sick (this was the old me- few years ago!!). So having it a few times a week in small quantities (but good quality- the darker the choc the better) I don't feel deprived and really enjoy it. So far it seems to be working really well. I also think I have been eating a larger variety of food and i think this had made a difference. I try and have a different breakfast and lunch everyday so i don't get tired of the same thing and break my healthy habits.

I bought a dress yesterday for my bf birthday and the lady had to go get the next size down because it was too big- i feel so good. I am really happy at the moment and want to loss another 3.5 kg to be at my optimum weight. I know I can do it!! hahahaha

Also my dad did the half marathon on the weekend- the one that i was meant to do and encouraged him to do. He did it in 1 hour and 48 minutes. I was so proud of him and cheered him on when he came in.

Have a great week
Love Amy

Ps: I haven't forgot about the photos selina. My bf scanner broke on the weekend while trying to scan photos and I don't have one. He bought a new one yesterday so photos will be up anytime.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


It has been so long since last post. I did the city surf on Sunday and ran it in 1 hour and four minutes. I was really hoping for under an hour but with my injury and lack of training was pretty happy. My brother did it in 51 minutes and my dad did it in 60 minutes. The hills killed me. It felt so good to be running again and leg now is fairly symptom free. I pulled up so sore in the calves and quads but it was the good type of sore.

I have had so many birthdayslately and my bf is in two weeks. I bought him some rugby memrobilia and sending balloons to his work to embarass him.

Food wise I have been doing ok. Last week I slipped a little bit and put on 300gm so this week i am all determined again. So all in all for four weeks I have lost 3.3kg. I want to try and lose as much as possible before boyfriends birthday so i'm being really strict on myself. It has really helped me to set mini goals. It makes everything more manageable. Exercise has been great too and strating to feel the difference. Two people have also commented which is fab!!

Work is so busy at the moment. I am still doing extra work for a lady who is overseas and my boss is on hols so some days have worked 10-12 hour days. I don't like it and can't wait for my normal routine.

I promise I won't leave it so long and have still been reading other posts.

Love Amy

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I've had a loss......

of weight that is! I have lost another 1.5kg this week. This means I have dropped 3 kg in 2 weeks. I am so happy with myself and have been sticking to plan. I have overcome temptations at my girlfriends 21st and the other night I was at my boyfriends for dinner and she had made chocolate mousse but I politely said no thanks. She kept trying but I kept declining. I am starting to feel really good about myself again. Exercise has also been going well. I have only done a few light runs but my leg has been holding up. I am planning to run to BF house on saturday (around 9km) and then just do another one or two light runs before my 12km race next weekend. I really don't want to over do it and not run it. I know I wont run a great time but I am happy to be running at all!!

I will have another testing weekend with food. I have another birthday and a christening but I am determined to stay on track. When you start seeing results I feel i am in more control of everything. I have also been super organised with food as work has been flat chat. Mum has had surgery today and wont be able to lift anything for a least 6 weeks, so i'll have to be helping a lot more at home. So i'll be extra busy.

Thats all I have to report so far this week.

Take care,


Monday, August 07, 2006

I can't believe it has been that long.

Hi all. I can't believe I have left writing a blog for so long. So much has happened since I last wrote. I have started a challenge and I lost 1.5kg in the first week. I am feeling great!! I also have entered the Perth city to surf on the 27th August. It is a 12km run. I have however recondsidered my half marathon at the beginning of September due to my injury but am looking to do one in the near future. On that note my leg is still improving but am taking it as it comes. I have not been running really long distances and would rather wait till i'm at my peak to run in a half marathon. I have started to take on some more work and even though my week was full as, the extra money is going straight into my holiday fund. We are booking our round the world tickets in a few weeks and we all got together to discuss accomadation for a few of destinations and organise our contiki tour. I am getting so excited!! I know we leave in march but it it is getting closer. So this new challenge is to get my hot body to go away to Spring break in Acapuco and Miami and enjoy summer in the caribeen (cricket world cup). I want to wear all my bikinis and feel good about myself. I am really motivated at the moment.

Hope everyone else is going well. I have still been reading blogs and sorry for lack of replying to them.

Love amy

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I just wanted to tell you......

That i'm sore. I went and did a 7km run last night and was feeling ok during the run, besides a little bit of a niggle in the quad and stepping in a puddle! but when i sat down and iced my leg and did my stretches I was limping again. It has down this previously but I thought I was over this stage. I am sore again this morning. I don't think going to the gym and doing 30 mins on the cross trainer and doing a pump class yesterday really helped it either. So no running today but hopeing to run tomorrow morning as I have it off. My eating has been really clean this week as well.

There we go I have had my whinge. Feel better now

Have a great day

Love amy

I am still here

Sorry I haven't posted for awhile but I am still here. I was house sitting last week and had to travel further to work and work has been really busy. I went running daily when I was house sitting as the friend I was doing it for lives near the beach and has a dog. I would run for about 40-50mins. My leg is still playing up a bit and my muscles, especially my hamstrings have been getting really tight. I am still easing into the running thing again and still doing cross training with the x-trainer and the bike. I am off for another run tonight. I was also able to use her gym membership (my gym to far away) and my boyfriend was staying with me so we went to the gym together. It was great because he is really into weight training and he really pushed me. I wish he could be there all the time. I have also been eating pretty clean.

I had a massage on saturday and it felt soo good. My work has a massage therapist in the complex and because I know her quite well i was chatting to her the whole time. When she was doing my quads and hammies I would have to bite on the towel because it hurt so much. It does feel better now though. I think i'm going to have one every few weeks.

It didn't take long to get back into reality after my long weekend away. I did not want to wake up on tuesday morning. I hate alarms!!

Hope your all having a great week.

Monday, July 17, 2006

I didn't want to come home!!

I have just had the best weekend with two really close girlfriends. We have been down south and my abs have had the best workout (from laughing that is!) We went to wineries, went out to restaurants went to the cheese and chocolate factories. It was so much fun. I really didn't want to come home. I even went running everyday while i was away. I was so impressed!! My leg was quite sore the second day from running so I half walked, half run the next day. But I was out for about 50 minutes each day. I have got all my motivation back and I really just hope I am ready for the half marathon. I feel average now though because of some of the over indulgences. I can't handle to eat a lot of wheat and dairy so i'm feeling very average now. We didn't eat too many crappy foods but just too big a portion sizes. I am so looking forward to eating well again this week and really getting stuck into my running.

I'll report back later in the week

Love Amy

Ps. Well done to sue for her comp!!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

I love Sundays!

Sunday is the only day that I get to have a sleep in and not wake up with an alarm. I woke up at about 8:15 this morning, ate an orange and grapefruit, tided my room and got ready to go to the gym. I had an awesome workout today. My leg is still improving. I went for a 9km walk yesterday as well as a ride. I did the cross trainer at the gym. I haven't been able to do this since I did my injury so I was so happy when I could today. I'm going for a very light run early in the week and then slowly build this up. My dad ran 18km this morning so I am so eager to be back running with him.

I have felt pretty flat this week and having a few 'fat days'. So I have been eating really well the last few days. I this I was just retaining water and this has gone now. Hopefully this week will be better. I have been too scared to weigh myself because scales can be nasty things!! I thought with the way I have been feeling i'll just miss my weigh in and weigh in next week.

I'm going away next weekend for a girly weekend with my two best friends. It was be so good to catch up and chat all weekend. We are going down to Molloy island (between Margaret River and Augusta) at my boyfirends holiday house. It should be nice. I am going to try and stay eating right and just indulge in a few wines. The wineries in Margaret river are so good!!

Well i'm off to go have coffee with these two friends to sort out what we need to take away. I think it is just a nice way to catch up!

Enjoy the rest of your day.

Love Amy

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

One of those moments

I had one of those moments yesterday when I just look in the mirror and absolutely critise everything about myself that I wish I could change about my body. After that I felt down in the dumps so to speak and just felt miserable. Why do we do this?? Thank goodness today is a new day and don't feel so bad about myself today. The best thing is to take each day at a time. We all have good days and bad days.

Well my leg has still been very sore and i'm starting to get anxious as the half marathon is only 9 weeks away and I have not run for 3 weeks tomorrow. I really just want to get out there and run. I have been riding (this doesn't hurt my muscle) and have started walking everyday. It is when I stride out that I get my pain so by walking fast I am building up the muscle I tore without putting too much strain on it. My physio (and collegue) has told me not to push it and I am trying so hard to take his advice coz I don't want to make it worse. I tried to run yesterday during my walk but I was nearly in tears after about 30 seconds. That is when I pulled the plug as if I continued I knew I would do more damage. I went for an hours walk tonight and going walking with a girlfriend tomorrow morning and a ride and upper body weights tomorrow. I do know it is improving but too slowly for my liking. I feel like all my leg muscles are sooo tight, like Ineed to put them on a stretching machine for a few days. I think I am going to start pilates again to help regain some flexibility. I always feel more 'stretched' after doing a class.

I can't believe it is already wednesday night- this week is flying by. Hope you are all having a great rest of the week and i'll write again over the weekend

Love Amy

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

half way through the week

Well i have had the flu the last two days but am feeling so much better today. I have really had a string of bad luck this winter- two lots of tonsolitis and now the flu, hopefully thats it!! I think i'm making up for last winter when I wasn't sick at all.

I went to the gym last night and did weights as well as 20 minutes on the bike!! Yes I have started cardio again- so happy. I am a bit sore today but as I said to my girlfriend at the gym last night it is a good muscle sore. I'm still doing lots of stretching. I am not going to run till the weekend though and when I do i'll only do an easy 5km to start with.

I really haven't been hungry this week- have lost my appetite completely. My mum was force feeding me on Monday- she says you need to eat to keep strong. I know she is only being a mum and wanted me to get better. so hopefully see another loss on the scales. I have been doing really well lately. At this rate i'll be at my goal weight in no time.

Not much else to say- thanks for all the positive comments, it really helps
Enjoy the rest of the week and i\ll report back soon.

Love Amy

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Feeling tired!

I am soooo tired today. I woke up at 11 went back to bed a 2 and woke up again at 4 and feel like going back to bed again. My glands are up and I feel I have no energy what so ever. I think my iron levels are low as I have felt like this before. I think a few crappy night sleeps have not helped either. I have eaten half of meals- just have not felt hungry at all so that is why I am probably feeling weak today too. I weighed myself yesterday and have lost 1.2kg so I was happy with that. I have tried to eat really well all week because of the little cardio I was doing because of my injury. Anyways I will be off to have an early night and wake up fresh for a good week. Having a deep tissue massage tomorrow and plan to go for a light run on Tuesday if things continue to improve. Went for a walk with dad over the weekend and things are definately getting better. I'm still taking anti-inflammatories and doing heaps of stretching so hope all continues to move forward. I'll let you all know how i go.
Have a great week

Love Amy

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Four things about me!

Here is my reply to Selinas blog:

Four Things about meThings you may not have known about me.....A)
Four jobs I have had in my life:
1. Worked at Head girl (hair and jewellry shop)
2. Restaurant
3. Podiatrist
4. Thats all!!

Four movies I would watch over and over
1. Grease
2. Love Actually
3. Bridget jones diary
4. The castle

Four places I have lived
1. Perth, WA
That's it till next year when I go travelling for a year!!D)

Four TV shows I love to watch:
1. The OC
2. Desperate Housewives
3. House
4. Sex and the city (foxtel):)

Four places I have been on vacation:
1. Melbourne
2. New Zealand
3. Queensland
4. Next year my list will include: Mexico, Carabian, Bahamas, New York, Las Vegas, LA, London, Paris, Switzland to name a few!!

F) Websites visited daily:
1. Hotmail - personal
2. Womens health and fitness bulletin board
3. Blogs (almost daily)4.

G) Four of my favourite foods:
1. Chocolate
2. Protein pancakes
3. sushi
4. pumpkin soup

Four places I would rather be right now:
1. On my trip next year!!
2. Having a relaxing massage
3. Having cocktails near a pool
4. At the movies

Four people I think will respond1. Hmmm I'm not sure... surprise me!

Now, here's what you're supposed to do... copy the above, enter your answers and either post it on your blog or email it to your friends!!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Feeling Positive

I am feeling a lot better today. It has been one week today that I injured myself running and although it is still quite sore it is slowly improving, I wish it would all happen a little bit faster. Have had another session of physio and off for a sports deeps tissue massage early next week. I am still limping around but it is definately not as painful and I have been able to start stretching. I have been a good girl with eating except for a few squares of dark chocolate the other night. I have also been going to the gym to work my upper body so at least I feel like i'm doing something. I have also lost a bit of weight this week so it just shows how important diet is. I can't wait to go for a run and as hilary said to me in a message it will just make me so determined and motivated when I do get back into it- you are so right!! I have promised myself not go into training too early because I don't want to cause another injury.
Sorry again for my last few blogs- I know they were a bit down but i'm all happy today.

I better be off to do some work- have a great thursday!!

Love Amy

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Getting very frustrated and GRUMPY!!

Well it has been four days now since my last run and still in quite a bit of pain. I had physio on Saturday and I have torn a muscle. Because of where in the muscle it is it will take a little while to heal- so i've been told with very strict instructions that i'm not allowed to do any running for a couple of weeks. I was like a couple of weeks. That is soooooooooooo long. However I don't want to go back to early and tear it again and even worse. I am going to the gym tonight to do an upper body workout. I will be able to slowly start walking but I can't even do that at the moment because I am limping. I am just so upset coz my times were good, i have been running longer distances and my weight has been dropping. To make it worse dad went running yesterday and ran 15km in 73 minutes. I was so annoyed but happy for him. My physio said I will be fine to run my half marathon in sept- it is 12 weeks away so I suppose I do have some time up my sleeve thank goodness.
Sorry for my depressing blog- I know time heals. One good thing is I haven't been as hungry!!

Have a fab week


Thursday, June 15, 2006

I'm in pain!!

Well i finally thought all my troubles were over now that my shins have basically been pain free since I got my new orthotics made. The last week or so I have had very tight quad muscles and have been stretching them heaps. Yesterday I had planned for my long run. I started from home and headed towards the narrows bridge (freeway) and this whole way I didn't feel comfortable. It was quite sore and couldn't push as hard as I usually would. By the time I got to the narrows I had to stop running, the pain was soo bad. I decided I would stretch and boy did this hurt. I then couldn't run anymore it was killing me. I am so angry that this is happened. I was starting to run really well and my times were definately showing this. So I had my little cry and limped all the way home. It was the longest 5km ever! By them time I got home I could hardly walk. I came in and iced my quad and took anti-inflammatories. The pain now is radiating down to my knee. Anyways I had to go to work that arvo and spoke to my collegue who is a physio. I am lucky enough that he is going to work on it tom!! I hope it gets better really soon. My dad was trying to joke with me last night and saying it should be him that is cracking up with the training for the half marathon. At the time I didn't think it was funny!!haha

I also got to meet the reps for Adidas last night through work. We had a meeting with them to discuss latest technologies especially for running shoes. I have able to score myself so very very cheaps shoes and clothes too. I love this about my job!! All the little perks. Also got some world cup freebie stuff too.

Sorry for sounding very negative in this blog. I'm sure it will be good in no time. I hate taking time off from training. I just want to get out there now but unfortunately my leg is definately telling me NO!!

Have a great weekend. I m off to see my beloved Geelong play at Subi tom- hope they get up!

Love Amy

Monday, June 12, 2006

Has it been a week already!

I can't believe how time just flies. Have been really busy and got another bout of tonsolitis last week. I went to the doctors early to get antibiotics and thank goodness I was feeling better within 24 hours. I was lucky enough to not have any work off but I was so run down and tired. Went to bed very early every night. Anyways all better now. I just missed out on one workout so was happy with that.
I have started another 12 week challenge today by myself. So i'll keep you posted on how I am going. I want to lose another 3 to 5 kg to be at goal goal weight. I feel really positive to do it and have some great goals to achieve.
My running has been going pretty well. I have been doing 2-3 weight sessions a week, 2 cross training and about 4 runs a week. I missed out on my long run last week so I really need to do one early this week so I can do another one on Sunday.
Besides that not much else to say. Hope everyone is well!

Love Amy

Friday, June 02, 2006

Yay- Long Weekend!!

You have to love them don't you!! I had to work this morning but I had my last patient at 10:30 so finished by 11. It was great!! I went out to dinner with 2 girlfriends last night and then went and saw the davinci code. I absolutely loved it. I am reading the book at the moment but loved the movie. I had such a funny night. We decided to go away for a girlie weekend in mid july so really looking forward to that!! I have a 21st tonight and am allowing myself to have a couple of wines because I have been good all week. No plans as such tomorrow, might have a chillout day and get a few dvds. Then heading out on my boyfriends dad's boat on Monday. Probably go up the swan river and have lunch in the swan valley at Sandalford wines (no drinking though!!). hehehehe.
I have been eating pretty well this week but I have only done 2 runs as I went running with my new orthotics last weekend and ended up with killer blisters!! Besides this I have been feeling really good and positive all week. I went for a 10km run around the bridges in Perth but started having problems half way round. I couldn't turn back as there was water in between so I had to battle the last 5km out. I don't listen to the advice that I give my patients at work!! Anyways I have been riding lots- nearly 30km everyday just so all my hard work didn't go down the drain. I'm going for a run this arvo so i'll let you know how I go!

I bought new boots today as well as a new jacket. They are so hot. I bought two dresses yesterday as well. I am now staying away from the shops till I reach my next goal weight.
Have a fabulous weekend

Love Amy


Saturday, May 27, 2006

I ran the same run I did with my brother and dad on thursday but this time I measured it because they said it was 8km but with a time like 37minutes I was not convinced (even though I pushed myself so hard). So I measured it and it was 7.4km. So 37 minutes was still a really good time and still really happy with that. Even more so because when I ran by myself I only ran 10 seconds slower. Today I ran 10km and I went running with my new orthotics. They felt terrible. I really should not have run with them for such a long run. Especially where I run because I run around the bridges from South Perth (home) to the causeway around to the city and back across the Narrows bridge then back home. I could not cut across due to water!! So I had to stop twice (once to stretch and another to take the orthotics out). My shins are sore and have big blisters on each foot. I should have known better since I am a podiatrist. However with two stops my time was not too bad (53 and half minutes).
I have added some cross training into my training, a) to give me some variety in training, b) not so much strain on my legs. So yesterday I did a 30km bike ride.
I have been eating really well but craving lots of foods lately and getting very hungry. I think it is because of all the long distance stuff I am doing. All in all a pretty good week. Will weigh myself monday so I hope all is good on the scales.

Well I better be off. Have a great weekend all.
Love Amy
I ran the same run I did with my brother and dad on thursday but this time I measured it because they said it was 8km but with a time like 37minutes I was not convinced (even though I pushed myself so hard). So I measured it and it was 7.4km. So 37 minutes was still a really good time and still really happy with that. Even more so because when I ran by myself I only ran 10 seconds slower. Today I ran 10km and I went running with my new orthotics. They felt terrible. I really should not have run with them for such a long run. Especially where I run because I run around the bridges from South Perth (home) to the causeway around to the city and back across the Narrows bridge then back home. I could not cut across due to water!! So I had to stop twice (once to stretch and another to take the orthotics out). My shins are sore and have big blisters on each foot. I should have known better since I am a podiatrist. However with two stops my time was not too bad (53 and half minutes).
I have added some cross training into my training, a) to give me some variety in training, b) not so much strain on my legs. So yesterday I did a 30km bike ride.
I have been eating really well but craving lots of foods lately and getting very hungry. I think it is because of all the long distance stuff I am doing. All in all a pretty good week. Will weigh myself monday so I hope all is good on the scales.

Well I better be off. Have a great weekend all.
Love Amy

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The hardest run ever!!

I decided to wait for my dad to go running with him tonight. We were getting ready for a run when my brother said he will join us. It was good to start with as he pushed me. There were 3 tough hills in there tonight and I was buggered after each one. I don't think it helps when you have something to eat one hour before a run. I just wanted to bring it all up but I was starving and couldn't wait till dinner. Anyway after the last hill there was about 2.5km to go and I swear I sprinted the whole way to keep up with Andrew (he is soooo fit). All in all I did 8km in 37 minutes so i'm pretty happy with that! Felt terrible when I finished but feel really good now. As dad said I only have to run that 2 more times for the half marathon! hahaha But I definately won't be running it at that pace. I have been eating pretty well and had a drop in the scales which is promising! Trained well yesterday as well. Looking forward to rest day tomorrow and then 12km on thursday.
Hope everyone is is going well.

Love Amy

Saturday, May 20, 2006

On the mend

I just read yesterdays post and i'm sorry about all my whingeing. I am feeling so much better today. I had our state conference yesterday and today and even though I didn't make it yesterday I did today. It all went really well. I got another pair of shoes (free!). I even think i'm going to go for a light run tomorrow. I won't push it but I really want to get back into it. 4 days with no training! I am getting very aggitated and need to do something. I'm not planning for record distances or times but just to ease back into it for next week. Having a quiet night in by myself I might add. My parents are out, my boyfriend has a mates birthday (he did offer to stay in with me, which I thought was sweet but would have felt too guilty) and my brother is never home. So i am going to bed really early tonight. Probably earlier than I thought coz geelong is getting done at the moment! Not much else to report. Hope your having a great weekend.

Love Amy

Friday, May 19, 2006


I have been really sick the last few days but am feeling more like myself tonight. I started to get an itchy throat on tuesday at work but didn't feel bad in myself. I had a nap after work and then went and did an 11km run and felt awesome (did it in 53.45)- I have had some pain in my shins lately but I had nothing. I have even had running orthotics made for my feet (one of the perks of being a podiatrist, that and free running shoes!!) so I will now have a pair for normal walking and a pair for running. After the run I started to go downhill. Mum had cooked dinner but I could hardly eat any- just felt like throwing up. Then during the night I woke up with the worst sore throat and aching neck and shoulders. I still went to work wednesday but by the time I was leaving my glands were like tennis balls, i could hardly swallow and my body ached all over. That night I woke up drentched in sweat and my sheats were wet too- so gross!! I had a huge fever. It was awful. Anyway off to the doctors who said I looked absolutely terrible and couldn't believe the size of my glands. She said I was lucky the infection had not spread to my kidneys or i didn't have rheumatic fever. I was pretty glad too!! Anyways given strong antibiotics and slowly starting to feel better. I have hardly eaten as it hurts to swallow and been drinking heaps to make sure nothing happens to my kidneys!! I am starting to miss my running, so i hope all my hard work has not gone down the drain with my really good times the last few weeks. Anyways enough of my whineging. Hope everyone is going really well. I have been reading everyones blogs.

Love Amy

Ps. I promise to blog more frequently so please keep reading!!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Sorry it's been soooooooo long!

Hi all,

I can't believe how long its been since my last post. Work has been flat out and time has just got away from me. I have been keeping up with everyone else post. Well i'm into my last week of my program. I don't think i'll make it to my goal weight (but very close) but I have already set my new goals. I have entered myself into the half marathon in perth in Sept and have already started training. I have completed the city to surf before and have always enjoyed running so i'm now going to take it the next step further. I am so excited. I did a 10.5km run yesterday in 52 minutes so was pretty happy with that. I have decided I am not going to have professional photos taken just yet as I want to be at my goal weight before I have them (3 more kilos to go!). I have learnt so much about myself in the last 12 weeks and want to thank Sue and Sharleen for everything. You are both inspirational and will continue to take in all that you have taught me. Thanks heaps. I will still continue to blog. When I do have photos taken I will post them.

Love Amy

Sorry it's been soooooooo long!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Anzac Day

I had such a great day today. I woke up without my alarm which is always a good start to the day. I went and did jacobs ladder this morning before the rain came belting down. I got my heart rate up to 189bpm. Sharleen- did you end up finding it?? This took about 50mins and felt really good after it. My legs were burning but I think this was because they were still recovering from the other day from leg weight training. Then went out to lunch with my boyfriend, his parents and some of their family friends. I ate grilled fish and veges without any oil!! Then watched a dvd and fell asleep. Mum and dad went out for fish and chips but I stayed home and made a chicken salad. So proud of myself.

I caught up with a uni friend last night and had such a good time. We ate out but I didn't go off my plan. It was the restaurant I use to work at so I got everything how I asked for it. My old boss told me I was looking fantastic. This made me so soooo good. Because I haven't seen him for awhile I believe he was truly genuine. My boyfriend tells me i look great all the time but you tend to believe someone more if they haven't seen you for awhile.

Not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. I'm up early to do my cardio as I don't know what time my last patient will be. So best to play it safe and go to the gym in the morning and then if I finish early I can go back to do extra.

Hope everyone else has had a great day.

Love Amy

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Can hardly move!

I can hardly move today. My butt, my quads, my hamstrings are all so sore. I woke up this morning and could hardly move. My boyfriend lightly touched my leg and I would be in agony. But I love it. It is the good sore! The sore that shows you have worked really hard. Sue's change in training is killing me! Even walking to my room (two storey house) is killing me today. I am proud to say that even with being sick I completed all my workouts for the week. I went for an hour powerwalk with my dad and incorporated lots of hills and stairs. We had a good chat. My dad is a very keen runner and am proud to say we both cvompleted the city to surf in Perth (12km) in an hour last year so really want to step this up this year. We were chatting and saying how we both wanted to do a half marathon. My uncle in new zealand completed one and this has really got my dad thinking. After my program is finished I will have to get training for the city to surf again and then think seriously about doing a half marathon. This is my new future goal. I am finally eating properly again and I have not been tempted by any 'off limits' food this weekend. I even went to the movies and just bought a diet coke and a bottle of water. So happy!! Well i'm off to do some work and get an early night.
I weigh myself tomorrow. I get so nervous....

Night all,

Friday, April 21, 2006

So Sore!

I really should be doing other work but I just wanted to say a big thank-you for all your lovely comments. I am feeling so much better the last few days. I have still been off food and have missed a few meals but I have been forcing myself to eat. The best thing about this is I am not tempted by any junk food or chocolate!! I did my cardio and chest/calf workout yesterday and I am sooooo sore today. Sue has changed my program and i am sure feeling it but I love it. I got up nice and early this morning and did my interval+moderate intesity this morning and then back to the gym for shoulders/biceps this arvo plus more cardio. I had to do double cardio today and my weight days together so i can fit them all in with being sick. I will now have legs and cardio in the morning and then just cardio on sunday and I will have fitted in all my workouts!! I am so motivated lately and so proud to know i'll get them all in. I'm looking forward to a fairly quiet weekend but after the week i have had at work i'm glad!!
Have a good one everyone!!

Love Amyxx

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I hate being SICK!!!!

I hope everyone has recovered from the easter break. I am proud to say I ate so very well and stuck to my eating plan except one small easter egg. I was really looking forward to going to the movies and chilling out with my boyfriend on monday but I woke up feeling very ill. I lazed around for a bit, mangaged to make it to the gym but felt as weak as anything. I then ended up being in bed all day and could hardly eat or drink anything. I am just started feeling better today. I ate next to nothing yesterday and managed to keep a piece of toast and half a sandwhich in today. As you would expect I have nothing for the last few days as i've been in bed feeling like being sick everywhere but I am on the mend. Tomorrow i'll be back in to training and hopefully eating all my meals. I just feel sick thinking about food (this is probably a good thing as i might lose some kg!!- I know it will probably come back on when I start eating again!!). So i will have to have days with double cardio to ensure I get all my workouts in this week. I hate to miss a training session. I don't know if it was somethig that i ate or it is just stress (work- i won't go there!!). I think i have already whinged enough. So this is another slight set back but I will keep strong. Mentally I am but energy wise I feel terrible. Hopefully with a good nights sleep and proper eating and exercise i'll be back on track!!

Hope you have all had a better start to the week!!

Love Amy

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Don't go shopping HUNGRY!!

I went shopping today to get my dad new runners ( I could get discount at athletes foot for him as im a pod) and then ben (boyfriend) wanted to get something for his ipod and then we got detoured by clothes. By the time we got to food shopping I was starving!! I was rushing through it because I didn't want to be tempted by all the naughty foods!! So many chocolates and hot cross buns around. arghhhhhhh. But I bought none of it and touched none of it. I had my steaded chicken, veges and rice waiting for me when I got home. Thank goodness I was prepared!! I felt so good after I had finished my meal that i had not eaten anything else. I'm feeling a bit tired this arvo but besides that I feel great. Looking forward to catching up with girlfriends as my boy is going out with mates for a poker and drinking night. Did an awesome workout today. I am already feeling sore. Well i better be off and prepare my dinner so i'm not tempted to what my girlfriends are eating.
Have a great night everyone.

Love Amy

Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday

Happy easter to all!!
I am feeling really good today and am so proud of myself. I have been eating so well and feel so motivated, especially after reading everyone's blog. I also got an update of my training program from Sue which looks even more challenging but can't wait. I'm expecting huge results if I stick to my diet! I enjoyed my free meal before easter because I know my weaknesses. If I enjoyed my free meal actually on sunday when I was with family and all the naughty food around I would go overboard so I enjoyed it last night where I could control it. I have planned this whole weekend so I don't go off track. I also tried to sleep in this morning but I woke up at 5:30 and finally got up just after 7 after many tries of getting back to sleep. I hate it when you can sleep in but can't and on other days you would die to have a few more hours sleep. I did jacobs ladder again this morning but my legs were so sore. I did it for 40 minutes and my max heart rate got up to 190 bpm so very happy. Was so glad when it was over. So i now have completed all my cardio for the week and have one more weights session to go and then a complete rest day on Sunday. I'm housing sitting with my boyfriend at the moment and they have the most adorable little puppy (pure breed Staffy). I have never had a dog before so i'm loving every minute of it. Will take her for a big walk in the morning before brekky. Then off to the gym to the gym to do weights just before lunch. Looking forward to tomorrow night as i'm catching up with some old school friends for a big catch up. I will be eating different to them of course!! Enjoy your weekend everybody.

Love Amy

Monday, April 10, 2006

Good Day

Hi all,

Had a really good day of eating and i'm very proud of myself. My low last week has changed course and now feeling really good and motivated again. I got up early this morning and did my 40 mins moderate cardio at jacobs ladder (all Perth people will know!). Jacobs ladder is a flight of stairs- approx 220-250 stairs. I run there, do it about 10 times then run back to my car. Since starting this I have noticed my fitness improving and i really think it helps with the toning of my legs. I then came home had brekky and off to work. I then did my back/shoulder workout this evening and I really felt the burn tonight. I increased my weights on a few exercises am i'm sure i'll feel it tomorrow. I even washed my car today- I have been putting it off for a few weeks so i'm very happy I have finally done it.

I'm off to bed now so i can wake up at 5.00 tom morning for cardio before work.


Sunday, April 09, 2006

Rest Day

Today was my rest day and by this afternoon I began to have itchy feet. I had to do something!! So i went for a 40 minute walk in the fresh air just before dinner. I have had a relaxing day today and had a 2 hour sleep in the middle of the day, have cleaned out my wardrobe and threw away 2 garbage bags of old clothes and watched a DVD with my boyfriend. I also have a terrible eye infection and i'm off to see the eye specialist tomorrow. It has been so sore and because of it had hardly any sleep last night.
I have eaten pretty well this weekend, as I often find it hard to eat completely clean on the weekend. Had my oats for brekky this morning, some almonds at morning tea with a coffee, protein pikelets for lunch, pepsi max and chicken and vegies for dinner. After writing that I probably ate a little bit less than I should have but tomorrow is all planned out so completely back on track then.

I'm not looking forward to tomorrow as I have to speak to a guy i'm working for about a few issues that i'm not happy with. For me this is a big step as I will be standing up for myself which I often just let things happen and get taken for the ride and get treated unfairly. But not this time!! This is the new me. I will be confident and stand up for myself and be treated fairly and not be ripped off. So wish me luck!!

Have a great week everyone and I hope mine is better than last week!!


Saturday, April 08, 2006

My First Blog

Hi all. This is my first blog and I hope to write one nearly everyday. I will use this as a tool to help me achieve all my goals and keep me on track. Have a great weekend!

Love Amy