Monday, October 30, 2006

Here is a photo as promised. Here is my new hair cut and my beautiful boy. Hope you all had a great day. I lost another half kilo this week. Yay- i have no time to write but i'll write again tomorrow!!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

The weekend goes so quickly

I can't believe how fast the weekend goes. I suppose it is because I technically only get one full day off with work but still! I have a busy end the week with one of my best friends 21st last night. It was really good. We drank too much and danced lots and didn't embarass her too much in her speech. She told me this morning that she was glad i wrote it out for her because she couldn't really remember us saying it!! She was soo gone.

Exercise wise the rest of this week has been really good. I did body attack and weights on tues, went for an hour power walk on wed, did weights on thursday plus an hour of cardio, did cardio friday and sat and did weights and cardio today. So all in all i am very happy with myself. Food has been pretty good too but i feel like i'm retaining fluid this week. Can blame that prob on TOTM. Anyways i weigh in tomorrow so i'll let you all know.

I'm off to bed now. Sweet dreams and have a great week.
Ps. I have forgotten how to download photos from my camera so when my boyfriend comes tomorrow i'll get him to show me again. hahahaha

Have a great week


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I am still alive!!

I am sorry for not blogging but i have been reading reading everyone's post still. I am going to make a promise to myself to blog at least twice a week. This way this will will keep me honest with my challenge as well and I can write about everything that has been happening. Work has been so chaotic the last couple of weeks. My poor boss had chicken pox and that left me to run everything patient wise. Money wise it has been nice for my trip account. It is now only 4 months away till i go. I am starting to get exctied. I did all my passport stuff today and should be here in 2 weeks!! The photo looks terrible though. You can't smile in the photo so it looks like a mug shot.

Food and exercise wise has been pretty good. I had a plateau for about 2-3 weeks where i only lost about 300g but I lost a 1 kg this week so I hope i'm over that. Only a few kg to goal. I am really noticing a difference and everything is feeling more comfortable and less tight!
I did an 18km walk for Princess Margaret hospital on sunday (from perth to Freo for all perth readers) and did it in 2 hours 39mins. I did it with a friend and we talked the whole way at a fairly fast pace. Yesterday i did an hour of cardio and tonight i plan to do cardio (bodyattack) and weights.

I'll send some more photos as I had a ball on friday night at the perth convention centre and i'll have to send them as i have a new hair do. I have gone back to brown hair as I wanted to take all the blonde out of it before i go away (one less thing to worry about!). I also have a fringe. I haven't had a fringe since i was a little girl. I look so different. So many people have not recognised me.

I have to be off to make my class at the gym. But i promise i'll be back this week to post again!!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

This is a picture of my beautiful mum (to the left of me), my aunty (to the left of my mum), my grandma (it was her birthday) and my great aunt (not looking at the camera). All these women are such an inspiration to me and we are all very close.

I have had such a great day today. It all started with a sleep in this morning. I picked up my bf from the airport yesterday morning and we were ment to be going out but the poor thing was so tired we stayed in last night. I woke up this morning and then he made me toast and a cup of tea in bed (I haven't had breakfast in bed for ages!!- it is so good). I was planning to go to the gym this morning but I was enjoying just spending time with him. I then came home mid morning and took my mum shopping. She has to go to the eagles awards night on friday for dads work and she wanted to buy a new dress. 3 and half hours later we came home with a dress, shoes, bag, jewellry and underwear and my feet were so sore from all the walking. I was also soo hungry by the time I got home. She is going to look so hot if I say so myself. She looks so good for her age. I'll post photos after the event!! I then came home made a slad sandwich and watched foxtel for a bit. I then went for a long run and ran really well. And now i'm here writing this!!!

Foodwise and exercise wise has been pretty good. I have lost a total of 4.9kg in 7 weeks so i'm pretty happy with this. I was pretty sick last week with a nasty virus which left me in bed for 3 whole days. All i could do was sleep, sleep and sleep. I think I was so drugged by all the pain medication the doctors gave me. Thank goodness that is all over. So this week I have eased myself into exercise and eating properly again. All I could eat when I was sick was toast and soup.

I am so looking forward to my day off tomorrow. I haven't had three days off in such a long time. I have now finished all my extra work. It is such a huge weight of my shoulders. I was getting all upset last week. Everything just seemed to hard. I was really missing my bf, i had so much work andi was still recovering from my virus. I'm really starting to relax now and i'm really looking forward to a nice sunny day in Perth tomorrow.

So that is a quick update on everything. I know I have been very slack with posting and i will promise now that I have a bit of time to do so more often.

Love Amy