Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hello from barcelona!!
Hope everyone is well. I am currently in Spain at the moment. We only have the one stop here barcelona. It is notorious for pick pocketing so I have been so careful and have lopcks on everything and everything on me at all times. I am petrified of things being stolen. Besides that it is a very pretty place. We spent today touring the city and seeing the sights. It is beautiful weather too.
We met up with the rest of the group in Paris. I am in love. The architecture and gardenms are unbelievable. I went to the louvre, notre dame, sacre coure, arc de triomphe, musee dórsay and moulin rouge. This was all in one and a half days. It was very full on. There is still so much to see as well. We went to a cabaret show. It was so good. Lots of dancing and acrobats and it was a good 2 hours of pure entertainment. It was fabulous. I will definately be coming back here.
From here we went to the wine area in france and stayed at a chateau. We sampled a few of the wines and went for a long hike and ended up having a picnic at the top. It was really pretty. We then drove to barcelona.
Our next stop is the french riveria, then to italy, greece and greek islands. The tour is so much fun and the people on it are a great bunch of people. We have been out everynight and getting along great.
We have made plans to go to germany when we get back to london for about a week. We got flights for 10 pence and have accomodation with jan family. So that should be could. Then I think I may need to start working!!hehehehe
I better be off but that is a quick update of my last week. Take care
Love Amyxxx

Ps. I have been doing so much walking eachday and trying to eat really well. It so hard though while you are on holidays. I feel average for not having time for exercise and I miss the gym. Once I settle in london one of the first things I do is join a gym and get back into it!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

I am back home and i'm starting blogging again!

hello to all bloggers. I have just read everyones blog and caught up on what everyone has been doing for the last 3 months. I have been in America and went to the cricket world cup in the Caribbean and saw the Aussies win. I have had to come back to perth for a weeks for a funeral and I have decided to start my blog again. I have missed what everyone has been doing and I want to write my blog as I travel. I fly out of Australia again on Tuesday and now that my boyfriend has bought a mac in america I have no excuses.

I have been having the best time away. Even though my boyfriend and I had all credit cards, purse, ipods, cameras,psp, mobiles and money stolen in miami and we had to fly to washington to get passports replaced everything has been fabulous. I was sailing for 34 days in the Caribbean sea and went to all of the islands. Some of the things I saw you just could not see from land. It was spectacular. I'll post photos in next post. After the caribbean we went to New York. It was the most amazing place I have been to. I loved it. I kept saying it was so 'sex in the city'! From here we flew to Minnesota where we stayed in a college with some friends who came and studied in Perth. They have $8 all you can drink nights. We had some very big nights. Unfortunately ben's pop passed away and he was very close to him that he just wanted to come home for the funeral. The funeral was very sad but he was so glad he made the decision to come home. We fly to meet up with the rest of our friends in paris. We then have a 3 week contiki before we settle in england for about 8 months.

I have learnt a lot about myself while being away. I have become less harsh on the way I look at myself. I use to be so critical about my appearance and about every piece of food that went into my mouth. I have learnt to relax and enjoy a bit more. I am still very health conscious and have been running at least 3-4 times a week. I really miss the gym. I have been doing sit-ups and push-ups but it is not the same. Eating wise I have been careful but I haven't deprived myself of anything. I weighed myself when I came home and I have not put on any wight but I lost a little. So I am so happy. I left to go on this trip at my goal weight and I am still there.

I will post some photos and I promise to keep my blog going.

Take care,