Monday, June 23, 2008

I can hardly walk!

I am in total agony. I did my leg work out yesterday followed by intervals for cardio. I increased all my weights for legs and today I can hardly move. Walking even hurts. I dropped a pen on the floor today and I nearly cried picking it up.

So today I have done my back/shoulders training but cardio will not happen today. I think i'll be lucky if I can do it tomorrow even. hehehehe

As for the rest of my week last week it is still going well. I lost some more in both weight and centimeters but not as much as I hoped. I felt like I was retaining some fluid but I have been drinking so much water so I am hoping for a big loss this week. I will doing everything in power to make it a fantastic weight loss week like my first week. I managed to get 4 weight sessions in and the 5 cardios in as well plus one extra walk. I forgot how hard Sue's program was! I am feeling stronger and better for it every day.

I am working and getting paid this week for the mining company I have done work experience with. I went in last week and went through all there testing and they are very pleased with me, so they asked when am I free?? So I have re-arranged with my other work so I can work a few days with them this week. Very exciting!!

My aunty and uncle have been here from Auckland so I am a bit familied out with all the family do's that we have had. I have loved every bit of it though really! hehehe

Till later,


Monday, June 16, 2008

Day 14

And going fairly strong. The first week of a challenge you are always raring to go, second week not so much. Read lots of inspirational stuff last night and very focused again!

So the past week has been fairly good. I had a few minor slip-ups but nothing serious. I still had a loss of 0.5kg this week and lost cms so happy. I just must get my mojo from week 1 again and all will be good. I love doing my cardio outdoors (I can't stand to run on a treadmill!) and the weather has been really crappy here in Perth. I just read Shar's blog about running in the rain. You very rarely have huge down pours like the weekend and I too got wet!! I have been doing more rpm classes for some of my cardio instead. I have been working really hard in my weight sessions and have been pulling up sore the next day.

I really hope my computer is all sorted again. My posts were not coming up and none of the other blogs I read were getting updated too. I think I have it fixed so I don't post a thousand times of the same one and get totally frustrated!

Other good news last week- I got accepted into uni for postgrad HR. I start on the 28th July. Very happy and excited. I also got contract work with the mining company that I have been doing work experience for. Very happy!!

have a great week and thanks for all your messages.


Thursday, June 12, 2008

day 10

Please post!

Day 10, I wrote this yesterday but it didn't work!

I just wrote a post and it got deleted. Gee that is frustrating!!

I just wanted to tell you all that I am doing fairly well diet and training wise. I had a little slip up the other day. Not very bad though. I sneaked in a handful of dried fruit. I don't even know why I did it. So I am feeling a bit peckish now so I decided to come and blog.

I went for an 11km run today. I struggled though. My hamstrings were sore from training my legs the other day so it felt like I had ankle weights on the whole way. I had to stop once to catch my breath as it was all over the place. When I got home I trained shoulders. I normally always do weights first but realised if I didn't do them today they might not get done this week. So I am quite tired and sore now.

I lost a total of 2.2kg in my first week. I forgot to take measurements on my first day so I took them at week 1 so I will continue to measure from now on. I still have been checking my weight every few days and it is still going down most days. It has become a bit more gradual but I am happy with that.

I will write again in a few days. It is making me accountable, so is my food journal.


Saturday, June 07, 2008

Day 6

Hello all!

I have been doing really well so far on this challenge, so I am hoping to continue this way. I have a sqizz at the scales this morning because I really wanted to know how the were going and so far I have lost a little over 2kgs, so I am really happy.

I have been eating really well and tracking my food down daily. This really seems to help. I am suprised I haven't had too many cravings which is good because I do have a bit of a sweet tooth. I have had a few sugar free lollies last night when I went to Sex and the City movie. By the movie is fab!! Everyone around me had lollies, popcorn, coke and chocolate and tell you the truth I really wasn't that tempted.

I have been getting all my workout in that I have planned the night before. I have been so sore with DOMS though. I love the feeling though.

I am probably going to have my free meal tonight as I am going to my boyf parents place for dinner. If I can I will stick to just protein and vegies but I don't know what she has planned. She is a fabulous cook!!

I got up this morning and went for a long ride with lots of hills in it. The wind was so strong and cold this morning my legs were shot after it. I have spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon trying to set up a selling account for mum on ebay. The photos were so slow at uploading. She is hoping to sell some furniture that doesn't suit our new home so she can go out and put it towards new furniture.

WEll i best be off I am meeting my girlfriends for coffee (myself green tea).

Speak soon

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Day 2 of 12 week challenge

All is well here. It is my second day of my 12 week challenge and I am feeling very positive. I have been super organised and organised all my meals and my training times for the week. I have written my goals up and have also made an inspiration book, so I feel very well prepared for this coming 12 weeks. I also got all my old noted out from Sue for some extra inspiration.

So far I have followed the plan down to a 'T'. I did cardio at lunch time today for 45 minutes and my boyf is going to train me tonight for weights. He always seems to push me that bit further. He has promised me he will train with me for the next 12 weeks too. He is really so supportive and am lucky to be with someone who is so fit and healthy.

Already I feel lighter (even the scale says so in one day- I know its just fluid though!) and just feel good. I was a bit peckish last night when I got home from work but I just changed straight into my gym clothes and went and then after dinner I distracted myself by reading a book in bed so I was not near the kitchen.

I will be trying to blog every few days to keep myself focused and on track. So till then....