Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mondays come around too quickly!!

I had such a lovely weekend. I went to down south to Gracetown with a whole heap of people from work. One of the girls goes back to the Aberdeen Office so we decided to all get away and have a weekend away. This way they could see what we were all talking about with the our wonderful wineries. The house was right on the beach and was just so peaceful. My good friend who got me my job had to drive back on Saturday afternoon to celebrate our friends engagement. We managed to fit in a really long walk along the beach and some tracks up some hills to a beautiful lookout. So I was tired on Sunday and enjoyed a nice sleep in and a lazy morning with my OH and then had coffee with the girls in the arvo. Bliss.

I have been training really hard of late but weighed myself from after the weekend and put on 0.5kg. Not to worry. I think it were the few drinks, the salt and the lack of intense exercise over the last few days. Back to controlled eating today and feeling better already. It really got me thinking to how a number on the scale can really dtermine how you feel. I know it shouldn't and it is only a number and knowing my weight I can easily flucuate depending on the time of the month, or not having enough water ect. So I just kept telling myself that today and it has just made me think to get back on the right track and not undo all the hard work of late.

As I said in my last post my boyfriends sister got engaged. She asked me last weekend to be her bridesmaid, so all very exciting. Now this is even greater incentive to look fabulous. We are going dress looking after christmas so this is one little goal to keep me going!

Hope you are all well. Take care


Monday, November 03, 2008

So where have I been?

Well I have been running around like a chicken with no head!!

Life has been a whirl wind for the last 6 weeks and I hope now it is starting to settle down. I can't believe that my last post was so so long ago. I will not bore you with what I have been doing but it has been a combination of many things. I have officially finished uni for the semester and now have evenings free again. Uni has taken up so much of my time. I was there 3 nights a week for classes and then the multiple hours that are required for assignments. It has been nice having no exams but the stress of finishing assignments with balancing work and a chance of a life has been hard. I don't think I will do 3 units next semester but just 2 as work is becoming more and more busy and demanding. All over now so it is nice to just be working full time. I have had other stresses in this time period and has probably been more the reason for having time away from blogging. Everything seems to be improving there so I should have less stress from now on.

I have still managed to keep training going well. It seems to be the one thing that I can do to release tension and stress and just have some quality 'me' time. It really is my saving grace. I have lost 3.6kg in this time and feeling really good again. Another couple wouldn't go astray but all in all am feeling happier with the way I am looking. All my clothes are feeling nicer. I have been doing a lot of rpm as this class is offered the most in the early morning. I feel so good after it. I can feel that I am getting fitter also. I have also joined a fitness/boot camp on saturday mornings. This is fab. It is run by an ex army guy who is super fit for his age of 70. He really pushes you. The first time I went I felt like throwing up from the intense work out he put us through. It goes for about an 1.5hrs and I am totally beat after I finish. I do it with my good friend. We lived in london together and she was doing the classes before she went over. I promised her I would join when I ghot back so I have. It mixes the routine up a bit and thoroughly enjoy the challenge.

With uni, training, work, the rest of the time has been spent with friends and family. It must be the time for weddings and engagements. I have been to two weddings in the last 4 weeks and have had 3 engagements in this time period. Something must be in the waters. My bf sister just got engaged last weekend and it was all so exciting. We found out the news while we were at his cousins wedding. She is one of these people who has everything organised to the last detail. She has an organised file with tabs on them and has already booked all the big things like church, venue etc. I couldn't believe it! She was planning it all the day after! If that was me I would definitely be enjoying it and not even thinking of this!!hahaha

Well I best go get some work done. Everyone else is out of the office for Melbourne cup. I drew the short straw and has had to stay back. I will be joining them all later.

Till next time,