Sunday, June 28, 2009

My 12 week challenge that I was doing has taken a slight turn with starting from week one again due to be lucky enough to do another challenge with Sue. So I am in a really good frame mind at the moment at at the beginning of week 2. The last week got me thinking and really focussing on my hunger signals and learning to understanding them. I felt really good all week and managed the weekend well.

So I lost 1.9kg in this first week. I know I won't lose this every week but was very impressed by this number.

On other news my finance has been all approved for my house and settlement will be in about 6 weeks. My OH and I are so pleased and we made our first big purchase of leather couches on theweekend. Since Myer was having a fab sale I cleaned up and my kitchen is pretty much set now.

I am house sitting for the next 7 weeks so we will be moving in when I leave here. I adore my parents but it is nice to be independent again. After coming home from london living at home was bliss- mum really does so much for me and takes the stress out of everything. It is about now that I am really ready to leave again though.

So that has been my little update for the last few weeks. Till next week



Magda said...

Hi Amy,

thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog. I'll be back in the not too distant future.



Frankie said...

Hey Amy. I am an IBO client as well (I did my program last year).

I am also doing the 100 Day Challenge so just popped in to say hi and wish you luck!

I look forward to following your progress.