Thursday, July 14, 2011

Michelle Bridges Challenge

I have had a good few weeks and I do not have gallstones which is good, still not 100% but better. I have been more aware of what I have been eating, but I have decided to kick it up a notch and complete Michelle bridges 4week challenge from her book " lose the last 5 kg".

I really feel I need something more at the moment to be more focussed. I have pre planned with scheduling next weeks meetings, personal commitments and outings, training and figuring out potential times that will be challenges. I have also gone through the recipes and written a list of what I need. I am 100% committed and it feels good. It does not mean I can lose control over the next few days but I have been trialling her workouts and they are tough- I have been sore, but the good type of sore. So I will do the pre fitness test to find out my base line so I can monitor my progress as well as do my measurements on Sunday.

I can not believe it is Friday tomorrow and half way through the month!


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